What’s in our bags? Long Term Travel Packing Guide

We are no means experts in long-term travel (yet) but after doing a ton of research these are some of the things that we have decided to travel with. Every bit of space is important as we only have a 7kg carry on bag each. (plus a laptop bag)

J and I have purchased 40 litre backpacks and the kids have 25 litre packs. Apart from clothing these are some of the things that made the cut.

International Power Adaptor

International Adaptor

International Adaptor


This adaptor will allow us to plug in and charge our devices wherever we are in the world. It has different buttons that will release different prongs so we can use it in any country.

Self-inflatable 3/4 mattress

Inflatable Mattress 430 grams

Inflatable Mattress 430 grams




We have decided to travel with 2 of these. Being a family of 6 we will not always have 6 beds at our accommodation. We figure that travelling with 2 mattresses will give us more options and save money. (weighs 430 grams each.)

Travel Sheets

We each have a travel sheet that gives me piece of mind. If in doubt we can use these travel sheets to sleep in and we don’t have to use hotel or hostel sheets and blankets.

BPA free Expandable Drink Bottles

Drink Bottles 500ml each

Drink Bottles 500ml each

These nifty drink bottles are very light weight to travel with when empty as they can be folded. They are also heavy-duty and reusable. We found these recommended by many long-term travellers. I’m not too sure how heavy-duty they are, but will let you know how long they last.

Extendable Coat Hangers


As we will be hand washing when we don’t have access to cheap laundry or a washing machine coat hangers will come in handy for overnight drying.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars


With limited space and a limit of 100ml for gels and liquids in carry-on, these bars made sense. They are small, lightweight and apparently last many washes. These will be fab for the family but I’m not too sure how my high maintenance hair will handle soap shampoo. For this reason I am travelling with a couple of 50ml bottles of high quality shampoo and conditioner.

Packing Cube Bags


These are not the traditional type. With limited space packing cubes would take up too much room, so I searched the internet and got these bags instead. They have a divider down the middle and an extra inside pocket. The kids have 2 each and can keep clothes separated making them easier to organise to find.

2 Inflatable Pillows


These will come in handy on plane trips, and also in hotels where we only have bedding for 4.  These can be used with the inflatable mattresses as a comfy bed/pillow combo.

First Aid Kit


At home we had 2 large first aid kits.  I decided to make my own by taking things from these two kits to save money.  We have all the essentials including bandages, plasters, antiseptic cream, antihistamine, eye wash, burn cream etc.

Apart from our clothing, toiletries and those things listed above we will also carry electronics. We are going to work on the road and the kids will also do schoolwork online.  We are travelling with 2 Macbook Pro laptops, 1 iPad, 2 iPad minis, 1 Kindle Fire and 2 iPhone 4s,a Canon 700D camera with an extra lense and a Go Pro Hero 3. As you can imagine the electronics are heavy and have loads of charging cords etc.

We leave in 2 days and have packed all our clothes, we are going to divide everything else among all the bags to distribute the weight for flying.  When travelling overland J and I can put all the heavy stuff in our packs.  Let’s hope that we can fit everything in and come in under the combined 42 kg weight limit! (7kg weight each for carry-on).  To be continued …..

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