We’ve Got A Date!

This is Jarred’s reaction when he found out we were really going.MorganLogo

I came home from work and my wife said to me I brought our tickets today.  “Whats that for ” I said.  She replied to me and said,  “For our trip around the world”.  I don’t think I said anything, I may have been in shock, but i said to myself,  ‘Oh hell, (thats as bad as my language gets) I guess we are going then’.

I had a few questions, to this day I still have a few questions, but my first question was this.  ‘How much did it cost?’  And so it began, the who, the how, the where questions. I just asked last week.  ‘Where are we going again’ .  As I sit here typing I realised Ive forgotten already.  What I do know is we’ve got a date and we are off.  Our first flights are booked in and paid for and we are leaving ready or not December 15, 2014.


To be fair we’ve talked about this for a while.  Prior to meeting my wife in New Zealand I had just returned from travelling through Australia, Korea, Hawaii, America, Canada, and Fiji.  Before getting married, 5 years after our first meeting I flew solo again, revisiting Hawaii and mid-west America and travelling through Canada primarily to spend time with family and friends and also to play rugby. I eventually left the U.S. and returned to marry my sweet heart after the terrorist attacks of 2001.

I remember laying in bed being newly married and my wife saying to me I wish I went travelling.  I also remember saying to her “well its to late now, we’re going to have a family, you will have to wait for the kids to grow up, when we are old and rich, and can’t walk properly”. I would actually bait her.  Whenever a destination would appear on televison or movies that I had been too, I would often say, “Been there”, and have a little chuckle to myself.  She would often say something along the lines of “So, who cares”. I know she cared because I know her.

So here we are 12 years on and 4 children later, selling up, and doing this as a family, long-term.  We’ve got a date.  It was always going to happen but it was supposed to happen when we were rich and we are not rich.  It’s not like a holiday, we are going with a budget and its uncomfortable not knowing what lies ahead.  We have owned rental properties, traded shares, tried different businesses, contracted and consulted.  We have done these things for us and for our children and extended families.  We have sent our children to great schools, we have lived in great areas of New Zealand and Australia.  We have given the children nice things, we have saved and invested and now we are going to get rid of it all.  If it can’t fit into a 7kg carry-on bag, its going on ebay.  If it dosent sell, its going on the road.  It feels quite liberating and strangely unsettling.  Working so hard for things for so long and realising, so what. We can always start again and worse could happen.    We are leaving all of that behind, we are selling up, because we have a date.  December 15, 2014. The start of the end of the beginning.

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  1. Love it.
    “If it doesn’t fit in a 7kg carry on it’s going.” Working so hard for things for do long and realising so what!”
    I reckon you guys will have a book in the making by the end of this trip. I’m loving the openness and honesty of all these posts.
    Thanks guys for sharing.

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