Westend London With Kids

We had big plans to take the kids to a couple of shows on Westend however we didn’t quite get there.  We are big theatre buffs and both girls take drama and singing classes back home.

A couple of years before we embarked on this trip our youngest daughter was cast in South Pacific the Musical.  We had plans to take them to Matilda and the Lion King but due to my father getting sick and me having to go back to Australia we only managed these two.


Memphis is Musical about a white DJ who was the first to play black music on mainstream radio. It is based in Memphis in the 50’s.  The show was full on with amazing vocals and storyline.  It does have a few adult themes and luckily for us it was our date night so the kids were at home with a sitter.


While we were in London our son turned 9 years old.  He loves magic and spent all of his birthday money at Hamleys Toy Store on Magic making toys. On his birthday we decided to surprise him and take him to a Magic Show at Westend.

Impossible was a very well done Magic show. The kids thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and sat transfixed on the edges of their seats.  One particular trick was very impressive and this involved every audience member receiving an envelope at the beginning of the show.

Near the end of the show we were instructed to look in the envelopes. They contained a few cards and each of ours were different.  We then had to listen to instructions and follow them  This included ripping some papers, folding others, throwing some away and what we were left with was amazing.  The kids still talk about the show and that trick in particular.

Westend Streets

After the show we had so much fun walking the streets of Westend.  It was a Saturday afternoon and the streets were packed with people.  I have actually never felt so claustrophobic in our whole trip.  The buzz though was electric and there were also many street performers.  We enjoyed walking slowly to the train station so we could watch different acts.  It was thoroughly entertaining and free.

If you are going to make a trip to Westend with kids make sure you leave time to meander around the streets when you are done.

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