Visa Requirements : NZ Citizens

This Visa Requirement list is for New Zealand passport holders as this is what passports we hold, however Australian visa requirements are also identical.  So with less than 6 weeks to go I have compiled a list of visa requirements so that we are prepared before visiting each country.

Even though we have been in Australia for 13 years now, the Australian government have no clear pathway available for New Zealand citizens who came after Feb 2001 to gain citizenship.  Our oldest girl D who was born in NZ, but came to Australia when she was 2 months old cannot get citizenship, however all other three children were born here and when they turn 10 they get automatic citizenship.

Tayah turns 10 three weeks before we leave so I have all her forms to get citizenship ready to go.  The caveat is that they must have lived 8 out of 10 years in Australia if they were born here.  I guess that is some consolation.  At least half of the family will have citizenship, and can hold both Australian and New Zealand passports.

Anyway when compiling this list I was pleasantly surprised that many countries do not require us to get a visa.  As you can see from the chart below many can be issued on arrival with the payment of the applicable fee.

We have decided to apply in Thailand for our Cambodian Visas as we are going to enter Cambodia overland.  We will also apply for our Vietnamese visas in Cambodia before we cross over by land and then fly out.  There are several Vietnam embassies in Cambodia so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Other than that every other country is pretty straight forward.  If we have forgotten something in the chart below please let us know.


Country Visa Required? On Arrival orIn Advance Duration Cost
 Bali Indonesia  Yes On Arrival 30 Days $35 usd Arrival200,000 rp exit
 Singapore  No 30 Days Free
 Malaysia  No 90 Days Free
 Laos  Yes On Arrival 30 Days $30 usd
 Thailand  No 30 Days Free
 Cambodia  Yes On Arrival orIn Advance 30 Days $25 usd Departure Fee $8-25 usd
 Vietnam  Yes In Advance 30 Days $25 usd
 Hong Kong  No 90 Days Free
 United Kingdom  No 180 Days Free
 Europe(Schengen Visa)   No  90 Days within 180 Days Free
 Canada No 180 Days Free 
 United States  No Visa Waiver Program 90 Days Free


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