We are all but a speck in a moment of time, sandwiched between two eternities.  The Past – What was given to us, and The future – What we will give to our posterity.  We live with the actions on our decision to make travel a priority in our lives and we record those lessons in Writing and Video.

During our time in Vietnam we were contacted by Television New Zealand’s Maori Channel. We conducted our first television interview with Te Karere. The Maori news. It was fun. What you don’t see in this interview was that I went out on the beach of Nah Trang to train. I got a bit carried away and arrived to the skype interview late, shirtless, wet and sandy. A button was ripped off as I threw my top on and we started to talk. We look back on it and we say to ourselves….. Oh man I wish I said …… blah, blah, blah (insert cool stuff here). So here we are ‘world famous’ in New Zealand, on the indigenous news channel. Haha. Thanks Pere Wihongi you’re a champ.


This trip opened my eyes to many things.  It is the source of the best food I have eaten my entire life, from vendors off the side of the street that sit on the ground, that media would tell you do not touch.  One day I plan on returning to this beautiful place and riding the length of the country on a Scooter with my boys.


Awesome day today we walked into the COPE museum and sat there with 40ish young kiwis from Victoria University…

Posted by Morgans Go Travelling on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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