Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is located on Sentosa Island in Singapore.  As we were staying next to a bus stop we decided to catch the bus to the Island.  It was a quick 20 minute trip to Vivocity where we changed buses to the RW8 that goes directly to Sentosa Island.

Singapore Universal Studios

Singapore Universal Studios

There are 3 ways to get to the Island from Vivocity Mall.  On the top floor of the Mall is a monorail the cost is $4 SDG per person.  The bus which is the option we took is $2 SDG.  The last option is walking. There is a covered walkway with a travelator that cost $1 SDG to use.

The park opens at 10:00am and we wanted to be there early to ensure we made the most out of our day.  The crowds were not too bad even though it was Australian school holidays, Singaporean children had already gone back to school.

The park is split up into different sections including a Sci-Fi area, Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away, Madagascar, The Lost World, New York and Hollywood.

Sci Fi Area and Transformers

Sci Fi Area and Transformers

Sci Fi:

We made a plan of attack for the day, starting at Sci Fi and working our way clockwise around the park. As soon as the park opened we headed to the Transformers ride.  Even little Mo was tall enough (He is around 100 cm with his shoes on)  to go on this ride so we went on as a family.  I am not going to ruin the ride for you but the effects of the ride are amazing.


Ancient Egypt:

The next ride we visited was the Mummy Rollercoaster.  If you have seen any of the movies you will know it contains dark themes and is quite scary especially for younger children.  The girls were the only ones tall enough for this ride so I accompanied them on it.  They didn’t enjoy it.  The younger boys went on other rides in Ancient Egypt that were more appropriate.  Mo’s favourite ride was called Treasure Hunters in this section and he enjoyed driving his father in a little car.

The Lost World:

The Lost World has a water rapids ride which was great fun.  As it was a hot day I was not worried about everyone getting wet as they would dry quickly.  Each area has scary rides plus rides for younger children.  

Far Far Away:

A major feature of this area is Shreks Castle.  It is very impressive and houses the 4D Shrek Cinema experience.  The 4D Cinema experience was different, be prepared to get wet.  Shreks area also has a couple of roller coasters that are appropriate for older children and we spent a bit of time here.  


Madagascar is my favourite area in the park.  The crate ride takes you through the story of Madagascar and how our favourites from the movie escape and spend their days.  My boys and I went on this ride several times together and it was fun.  


The Hollywood area has all the shows and streets with shops.  We watched the Sesame Street Show called When I grow up and it was quite interactive.  The characters came into the audience to dance and shake hands with the kids.  Mo got to hug Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird.  He was stoked.


Meet and Greet:

Throughout the day different characters walk through the park and some perform.  We watched the gang from Madagascar including the penguins do a dance and greet the kids.  The highlight however for our youngest was meeting a couple of minions as we left the park to have lunch. We were too slow with the camera however and missed the photo opportunity.


You can pick up a list of all the times of the shows when entering the park.  That way you can choose ones you would like to see and plan your day accordingly.  The Waterworld Show is a must see and we made sure that we took the kids to see this show together.


The food in the park is not too expensive.  For a meal it is around $12 USD, which is quite reasonable if you are on holiday.  Each section of the park has food and some even have food courts and restaurants.  However we decided to eat outside the park.  If you want to leave at anytime during the day you can get a reentry stamp from the front gate.

Outside the park you can find different restaurants including a McDonalds, Malaysian Hawker Centre, Chilli’s and many more.

Tall Enough For Most of The Rides at Universal Studios Singapore

Tall Enough For Most of The Rides at Universal Studios Singapore


If you buy your tickets online before visiting you can get discounts on the walk in price.  I bought a 3 park combo ticket with Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium and Adventure WaterCove and saved around 30% on the prices listed online if buying them individually.

If the lines are long for rides look for the single rider entry.  This entry will allow you to skip all the lines and fill up any spare spaces they have on the ride.  The girls found this neat Universal hack as a couple of the lines in the afternoon were around an hour long.  They lined up in single entry and never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a ride.  You will be going solo though with random people but if you really want to ride and don’t want to wait an hour then this is the perfect way to do it.

 You can drink water from the taps in Singapore and the park has several water fountains scattered around.  This was great as it saved us loads in buying bottled water.   

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