Travel Preparation: Getting Rid of the Stuff

We are officially on the countdown with only 7 weeks to go till we leave so things are getting serious up in here!  Travel preparations are well underway.

We have started getting our house ready and have painted the walls, stripped down all bedrooms to bare minimum and begun the purge of “stuff”  that we have accumulated over the years.

This started a few months ago and I had begun cleaning out the kids rooms and clothes and getting things ready for sale, or for donation. This past weekend however I had the task of doing my wardrobe. All I can say is how the heck did i get so many clothes and shoes?

It took me a whole day to cull the clothes down to piles of sale, give away, keep and donate. What a mission! Most of the clothes I hadn’t even seen for years.

The great purge of clothing

This is only 1 trailer load of clothes, we filled this trailer 2 more times!

The house is getting emptier and emptier and it feels liberating to get it done.

It got me thinking though why did we have so much stuff?  I guess we bought into the dream.  The dream to have a house with nice things, lots of clothes and shoes, toys, books etc.  Looking at the picture of all our clothes I feel really wasteful and ungrateful.

Was my happiness and that of my family dependent on what things I had filled my house with?

My children would argue “Yes” to this question but I can say without a doubt the answer would be “No”.

Our lives have been the happiest when we are concentrating on each other and sharing experiences together.

Of course having all our immediate needs met is also very important (food, shelter, safety, clothing etc) but it has been enlightening to realise that we do not need much to be happy.

So the task now is to fit our whole lives for one year into 1 carry on bag each.  I know that this is going to be a difficult task but we can do it right?

We now have all our backpacks and each person is allowed 4 pairs of shorts ,6 tops and 1 workout outfit.  We are also allowing 1 nice outfit that will not crease for church, underwear, swimwear and 1 pair of sandals and 1 pair of covered over shoes.

We will also have one lightweight warm cardigan or top each and one pair of tights or light pants. (Jeans for me)

If we run out of clothes or things need to be replaced, we will just purchase things on the road.  It is comforting to know that if we needed to leave in a hurry that everything can be carried on our backs, and we don’t need to wait for the luggage carousel at the airport which is also a bonus!

Other necessities that we need to fit in our bags are a medical kit and some toiletries, our electronics and some school work.  I also have travel sheets and 2 inflatable beds that weigh 460 grams each.  And that’s it!  Our whole lives filled with stuff and more stuff compacted down to one 7 kg bag each!

Watch this space for more photos and posts about our travel gear.  Is there anything that you think we might need that I have forgotten?




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