Travelling families That Have Inspired Us

Over the last couple of days I have been receiving emails from people who are interested in what we are doing.

To many of our friends, family travel for an extended time is something they have never heard of before. While we are not unique, we are unique in the fact that there is no other family that is exactly the same as ours.  If you thinking about travelling long-term with your family what better way to be inspired and gather information than following families that are travelling now, or that have travelled to places you would like to visit.

Here are some of our favourite family travel blogs that inspired us and helped us to plan in detail where we wanted to visit. Hopefully they will inspire you too and give you more information to plan that trip you are eager to do.

  • worldtravelfamily


    Alyson Long is the mother of 2 boys and they as a family have been travelling since 2013. I love blogs that are honest and she definitely tells it like it is.
    They travelled the world for one year on only $35,000! They have had some amazing adventures on limited funds including a transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York.
    I have shared her blog with the boys to get them excited. Their favourite post is all about Legoland. Everything is Awesome right!

  • ytravelblog
  • Y Travel Blog

    Caz and Craig are parents to two small girls and have been travelling for over 16 years. They have a wealth of knowledge on anything travel. They have travelled the world as a family and are now travelling around Australia in their camper for the year. They have loads of gold nuggets on travelling in any country  with children.

  • travelwithbender
  • Travel with Bender

    Erin and her hubby Josh are from Perth Australia. They have been travelling since early 2012, and while they were home over christmas we met them and we were able to pick their brains about everything travel related!

    They are a lovely family with 2 small children. Josh is a website designer and can do his job from anywhere in the world which means that they can travel indefinitely. How lucky! Their travel adventures include many amazing photos as Josh is also a pro at this too.

    If you are more into a luxury experience then Travel with Bender has you covered.

  • traveljunkies
  • Travel Junkies

    This family travel blog is quite unique in that they have full disclosure of their travel budget which I think is so helpful. It gives me a rough indication on how much things cost in different countries and how much we can expect to spend. Financial transparency is not common in the family blogging circles and I commend them for this. I particularly enjoy their month to month breakdowns of exactly what they spend their money on in a particular place. Bravo.

  • Flashpacker family
  • Flashpacker Family

    Bethany and her hubby are from New Zealand and have just returned to travelling again after having a break to have a baby girl.  They have 2 small children and are currently in the USA.  If you are into a little bit of luxury while on a budget this family does it well.  My favourite post by Bethany is her information about Las Vegas for families and what buffets are best!

    I hope you enjoy reading these family travel adventures and if you come across any other amazing family travel blogs do let me know!

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