To Immunise or not? Travel Health Vaccinations

So in preparation for our trip I have discovered that we need Travel Vaccinations. Each country has different suggested vaccines but so far from all of my research I have narrowed it down to a few that I think we need.

We are the type of family that has been to the doctors twice in the last two years, so if there is anything we can do naturally for our health we will do it.  However for our trip I am not willing to take a gamble on the health of my children as we will be in a foreign country and may not be able to get all the natural things that we would use to treat them at home.  Also many of the countries that we are visiting have diseases that are not common in Australia and I would not know how to treat them anyway.

What Vaccines Do we Need?

Tetanus and Diphtheria

So far it looks like J will need his Tetanus and Diphtheria, as my children a fully immunised they will not need this injection as they are already immune.  I also do not need it as I had to get a tetanus shot just this year passed so that will save us a bit of cash.

Hepatitis A & B

Hepatitis A is not a serious illness in children but it is in adults so we are both going to get this injection.  J and I will also need Hep B but the children have already received this in early childhood.


Typhoid fever is contracted through contaminated water and is recommended for travel to countries where you cannot drink the tap water.  For this reason i think it is necessary for all of our family to receive this shot.  The shot will provide immunity for a few years.


The children are all covered here, but I am still researching if my hubby and I really need a booster for this disease.

Japanese Encephalitis

This disease is carried by mosquitos in rural areas and causes brain swelling.  As we will be sticking to cities and tourist areas we should be able to get by, by using our normal methods of keeping mosquitos away.  I don’t think it’s necessary to get this injection.


We always discourage our children from patting animals when we are travelling, however this is not always 100% foolproof.  Rabies shots can also be given after the fact. We will be travelling in cities and in driving distances to hospitals where we will be able to get the shot if need be so we won’t be getting this injection either.

Where Are We Going To Get Our Vaccines?

As I have been researching this topic I have realised how expensive it would be to get these shots done in Australia.  As Bali is our first port of call on our trip I decided to have a look to see if they have any travel clinics that give vaccinations.  I have found Community Health Care Bali in Sanur that does travel vaccinations.  The costs are very reasonable with the Typhoid $14 per person, Twinrix for Hep A and B $40 per person and Tetanus shot only $10.  The consultant fee for our family of 6 is $50 so all up we are looking at around $234, which I think is such a bargain!

It is recommended to have your travel vaccinations at least 4 weeks before leaving.  We often go to Bali and have never had shots before so we feel comfortable to get them here.  We are in Bali for 3 weeks and then go on to Singapore for a week so the good stuff should just start to kick in after we leave Singapore which is perfect timing.

If you are on a budget like us then do look into getting your travel vaccinations in South East Asia.  We have also read about a wonderful travel clinic in Bangkok Thailand called Thai Travel Clinic and one in Kuala Lumpur called the Twin Towers Medical Clinic that also have fantastic prices and service.





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