SEA Aquarium Singapore

We were excited to take our kids to the SEA Aquarium as J and I have visited before and thought it was amazing.

We purchased our tickets online in a combo deal which saved us around 30% on the ticket prices which was a great deal.

SEA Aquarium Singapore

SEA Aquarium Singapore

The SEA Aquarium is situated on the Island of Sentosa in Singapore.  You can get to the island by monorail from Vivocity mall, catch the RW8 bus from Harbourfront bus station or walk across the covered walkway.  

The beginning of the Aquarium is an interactive museum which details life as an early settler in Singapore.  We enjoyed learning about the Silk road and different things that were traded in the early days.  The displays are unique and intriguing especially the full size replica of a cargo boat complete with animals and goods.

The Typhoon Theatre:

Before entering the Aquarium you can also enter the typhoon theatre to watch a typhoon be recreated.  This show is a must see as much as it entertaining it is also educational.  The kids were a little scared but afterwards said that was awesome!

The Aquarium:

Boasting over 800 species of marine animals including manta rays, sharks and dolphins the Aquarium is truly spectacular.   SEA is the mother of all Aquariums and is worlds largest Aquarium .

There are several different tanks of displays at the Aquarium and the kids enjoyed seeing the large Aquarium tank, the sharks and the dolphins the most.  In the main tank area there is also a kids craft workshop set up and the boys spent about an hour here colouring, cutting and making marine puppets and pictures.

There are cafe’s and restaurants in the Aquarium although we did not partake of any food or drink while visiting.

We spent a good 4 hours in the Aquarium taking our time looking at the displays and doing activities.  It is a good idea if visiting the SEA Aquarium to also combine it with another activity as it is really only a 1/2 day activity.

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