Poznan Poland with Kids: 7 Things to Do

We enjoyed this town in Poland.  Poland is a unique country and we found the Polish people very different than other europeans we had met so far.  The Polish people were very friendly but also very intrigued by us.  We felt a bit like celebrities, attracting more stares than normal but we enjoyed Poznan very much and would not hesitate to return one day.  Here is our list of top 7 Things to do in Poznan Poland with kids.

Old Town Poznan:

Old Town in Poznan is truly unique.  We were impressed by the colourful Old town and it’s many pretty buildings.  We spent hours here window shopping and visiting Museums.  

At 12:00pm everyday outside the Old Town Hall you can witness the famous butting of heads by 2 mechanical billy goats.  

We also found great food in the Old Town Square and surrounds.

Rowgalow Museum:

This is a special museum where you are taught how to make the famous St Martin Croissant.  The Museum is located inside the Old Town Square and the classes are held up to 5 times a day.

The classes are interactive and our youngest got to dress up in a chef’s hat and apron to assist with the making of the croissants.  The kids loved this activity as well as being hands on and educational they also got to sample the goods after they were cooked.

The class has a small modest fee and we think it is totally worth it.

New Zoo:

The New Zoo in Poznan is located near Lake Malta.  The zoo is on 116 hectares and houses over 2000 animals.  What is unique about this zoo is that 60 % of the grounds is forest.  It is a huge zoo so be prepared for lots of walking.

Zoo Shuttle:

The zoo shuttle takes visitors from one enclosure to the next.  The shuttles go every 15 mins from the main gate and if you don’t feel like walking this is the next best thing.

The zoo also includes lots of picnic areas so bring along lunch and relax. 

Port of Poznania:

The Port of Poznania is located on Cathedral Island.  It is an interactive display of history for the area.  It caters for not only adults but also has a special audio program for children. We throughly enjoyed this attraction and we were all educated on the people and history of the area.  

The children were involved in many interactive displays including dressing in period clothing via computer.

Maltanka Miniature Railway:

There are a couple of ways to different attractions around Lake Malta and the Maltanka Minature Railway is one.  We walked from our hotel to the Railway Station Stop at Lake Malta and then caught the Train to the Zoo.

The Train is old school in an open air design.  The kids enjoyed our short ride to the Zoo via the Maltanka Minature Railway.

Termy Maltanskie:

Termy Maltanskie is Poznan’s largest swimming pool complex.  It is located on Lake Malta and was close to our accommodation at the Novotel so we were able to walk there.

The complex is huge and has an olympic sized swimming pool as well as an adventure water park with slides and a pirate ship, 11 pools and 2 lazy rivers as well.

Because the waterpark gets really busy you can buy admission in hourly increments. A fun day out for all the family.

 Citadel Park:

Citadel Park is located North of the Old Town and we were able to walk there from the Old Town Square.  Citadel Park is a big green park that is popular with locals as a place to picnic and exercise.

Citadel Park is also home to the Army Museum and home to the graveyard of Commonwealth Soliders that died in WW2.  We made a special visit to the park to visit these graves and to pay our respects.

The kids also had fun playing in the water sprinklers and at the parks located within the grounds.

Poznan is a great city to visit with kids as there is a plethora of fun things to do.  The city is easy to get around via public transport and many of the attractions are all around Lake Malta.  We enjoyed the ease of travel with children in this eastern european city and would love to explore other parts of Poland one day.

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