What Now For Morgans Go Travelling?

We have been asked this question many times since settling down and I am only just feeling ready to write it.  Unless you have travelled for a long period of time before you will not understand what it is like to come back and try to reintegrate into real life again.  I struggled, like really struggled to find a purpose and be happy where I was.  I knew I had changed so much while travelling and it was so hard to fit back into the life we were living when we left.  The life of normalcy, paying bills, time constraints and same old routines.  Of course life is much easier now though as we do not have all the clutter and debt we had before.

Don’t get me wrong I knew my life was blessed and I had just returned from the most amazing journey of my life but what was I going to do here?  I felt like there was more to give and more to do and I wasn’t ready for it to all end.  The kids are all happy to be back and school and to live near their cousins.  They thrive on routine and have slotted back into life here easily.  It has been a little harder for J.  He is back building and enjoys being self-employed and being able to set his own hours and decide what jobs he wants to do.  He has been offered a few permanent jobs but he doesn’t want to be tied down to anything long-term. Work hasn’t been that consistent however as the weather dictates outside work.

I still dream of travel and doing it all again.  We have talked about travelling again as a family but with 2 kids at High School next year there is no persuading them to leave their friends, family and sports anytime soon.  On a bright note though we have decided to try and maximise the school holidays and have 7 weeks in Asia these Christmas School holidays.  We are going to visit Bali for Christmas and then we are hoping to visit Hong Kong and China as well.  Integrating travel back into our lives is exhilarating and even though it will sporadic we are keeping the dream alive the only way we can for now.

What I can say though is the relationships that we built with each other while travelling are stronger than ever.  We enjoy the end of the day and being together and connecting.  We often talk of our travels and the memories that we made and are so blessed that we took that journey together.  There are no regrets just gratitude for the experiences we enjoyed and the people we met along the way.

So what now for me?  Apart from updating the missing posts from the blog (Canada, USA and New Zealand) I feel like there is more for our family to do. Next time we travel long term I want it to have a greater purpose.  We saw great need in many places we were travelling (including our home country New Zealand) and would love to be in a position to offer our time and services to those we meet.  I have now found something that I am passionate about and each day I wake up I am excited to work towards our goal of getting to the point of financial freedom so we are able to help more people meet their needs and achieve their dreams.

While we were travelling we met a couple of families who had found a clear path to financial freedom which allowed them to travel and not worry about money.  The encounters with those families left an impression on me and as I came out of my state of feeling sorry for myself about being back in reality I remembered them.

Today I am following their path and finally feel like I have a way to fulfill my passion of not only travelling but also giving back to the world.  If you want to find out more click here.

We have met so many amazing people on our journey that we feel truly blessed to have made some lifelong friends.  The Morgans may not be travelling at the moment but we are planning for a life full of travelling and helping others to achieve the same if that is their desire.

Thank you for following our journey we are ever changed and ever grateful to be a tiny part of your life.  The journey is not over, it has only just begun.


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