Which London Museums with Kids?


London is full of world class Museums.  We were intrigued how many artefacts the museum had collected from other countries.  Not only are the Museums top notch but many are also free.  These are some of the London Museums that we would recommend with children.

British Museum:

The British Museum is one of the oldest Museums in the world and has millions of objects of which only a select portion can be displayed at one time.  There is much controversy over many objects in this Museum including the Rosetta Stone and other important artefacts. 

We were excited to visit the Egyptian Exhibition including The Statue of Ramses and the Rosetta stone.  The Museum is very impressive and so worth a bit of a hike to get there.

The British Museum offers different object trails for children.  Each child was given a booklet and a pencil and they had to find each object in different parts of the Museum.  Our kids chose the Egyptian trail and this activity got them more excited to search the Museum to complete the trail.

Free Entry

Natural History Museum:

The Natural History Museum is a must visit with children.  Located in South Kensington next to the Science Museum and the V&A it is housed in a Romanesque Palazzo on Cromwell Street.  

The Museum is split into 4 coloured zones which makes it easy to navigate.  The boys were most excited about the Blue Zone. This is where the Dinosaur exhibition is housed.  There are full size skeletons and an animatronic T-Rex.  

We were also intrigued by the Biology section where a life size display of a foetus gave our children a quick introduction to the reproduction system and we had our first ever sex talk with them.  Although it was slightly awkward the kids were very grown up about it and now understand where babies come from.

The other sections in the Museum include a Red Zone with displays about the earth and planets and a Green Zone that explores insects and other animals.

Free Entry

V&A Children’s Museum:

With one of the world’s best collections of toys, costumes, dollhouses and more this Museum is a must visit if you have children.  The Museum has been collecting objects since 1872 therefore not only can you see real childhood antiques but they also have many hands on activities for youngsters to do.

Apart from the Children’s Museums the other parts of the V&A Museum are also worth a quick visit.  My children enjoyed the history of fashion exhibits and admired the statues and artwork.  There are also several green spaces outside where you can have a picnic so bring along lunch if you are going to visit a few of the Museums in South Kensington.

Free Entry

Science Museum:

The Science Museum is packed full of amazing discoveries.  It is 7 floors of Science fun and the best thing of all is that it is free!  We have visited other Science Museums around the world like Cites Des Infants in France and Scitech in Perth Australia and we have had to pay for the privilege.  Not so here in London.  Some of the highlights are the Apollo 10 Command Module and Flight Simulator. (There are costs for the IMax theatre and Flight Simulators.)

If you have kids under 5 head down to the bottom floor of the Museum. There is a dedicated play area for little ones including a water play area and an indoor space to eat your lunch if it’s raining outside.  The play area is staffed and the little ones are required to don an orange vest so that the staff can keep and eye on them and help them out.  Our little guy had so much fun in this play space.

Free Entry but a donation is appreciated. 

London is filled with so many amazing Museums.  When visiting London make sure you allocate enough time to visit our main picks.  You children will thank you for it.

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