Legoland Malaysia

After our time in Singapore we travelled up by bus to Johor Bahru specifically to go to Legoland in Malaysia. The boys had been dreaming of this day for a long time often looking at the website on the internet before we left home.  

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

So did Legoland Malaysia live up to the hype?  Is is worth a special trip up from Singapore?  Our answer is unashamedly yes!  Our whole family was in unison about this and we all got a lot more out of the day than we thought.

The girls even voted it better than Universal Studios as they thought it was bigger and there were more things to do.


You can purchase your tickets at the front counter on the day, or to secure a 20% discount you can purchase your tickets online at least 7 days in advance.


Miniland was amazing.  This was the first part of the park we visited when we entered.  The girls ran straight for the Rollercoaster before the park got too busy and we were happy to take the boys around.  The displays were of famous icons around Asia made completely out of lego.  

The displays included the great wall of China, The Taj Mahal, Petronas Towers and Ankgor Wat. Each display had thousands and thousands of lego pieces that were intricately designed.  There are around 20 different displays and some included interactive activities like the airport which had engines you could fire up and the wharf where you could move the ships and squirt water.

Programming School:

The girls thought this was fantastic and enjoyed the programming activities.  The classes took 45 minutes to complete and the task was to program a robot to do various tasks. The teacher introduces basic programming to the students before the program begins and then each is assigned a computer workspace where they will program their robots.

We started the class out with 4 students and after the first 15 mins there were only D and Tay left.  They thoroughly enjoyed it and are now interested in learning about programming which is great.  They also received a special certificate of completion. The programming school is recommended for 8 year olds and above and guardians are welcome to stay and participate.

Lego City:

Our sons loved this area in the park.  There are different driving schools including cars and boats.  If they are proficient enough in driving they can also earn a driver’s license.  There is a course to follow complete with lights and road rules and if they pass they can get their very own drivers license.  

The park is also full of playgrounds ideal for toddlers and children under 8 years old. These include outdoor playgrounds and an indoor lego play centre where the kids played with lego for ages.  There is also a train made of lego that takes a tour through the park that leaves every 30 mins.


Lego Technic:

There are several Roller coasters at Lego Technic area including a flying shooting ride that was under maintenance when we visited. While none are particularly big or scary they were sufficient for our adrenaline junkie girls.  

Star Wars Display:

If you are a Star Wars fan you will love this display.  It has newly opened at Legoland Malaysia and as you go from room to room you will see different scenes from the movie recreated out of lego.  The scenes are also interactive with many moving parts, lights and noise.

Lego Kingdoms:

A medieval magical wonderland with dragon roller coasters, castles, horse rides and more. Two roller coasters were located in this area as well as a few rides that catered to toddlers and preschoolers.  Mo enjoyed riding the mini roller coaster and medieval horses with his big sisters.


The Playground here was great and Mo and Mac spent a couple of hours imaging they were shop owners, pilots and train drivers.  There were some small rides located in this area as well as the viewing platform ride that would take you high up over the park and then bring you down slowly.  

This was viewing platform more than a ride and the whole family happily participated in this together.  If you are scared of heights you might want to sit this one out.

 At different times of the day there are different 4D movies playing.  They are scheduled for every 30 mins at the 4D theatre within the Imaginary part of the park.


Land of Adventure:

The Log Flume water ride  and our favourite ride of the day was also located here.  The shooting ride game was so addictive.  The ride goes through a series of rooms and there are laser guns attached to each of the cars.  Your mission is to see how many target you can shoot.  You can track your score on the front of your car.  Our family had competitions on this ride to see who could shoot the most targets, alas J always won.  

Food at the park:

There are several cafes located at the various parts of the park and we were pleasantly surprised that all were reasonable priced.  We bought lunch in the park and kids combo meals were only 15 ringgit around $5 AUD. This included chicken nuggets and chips, a large fruit cup and a drink.

What the kids thought:

After being at Universal Studios in Singapore the week before it was unanimous that Legoland was much preferred.  The park is huge and it has many more rides.  Apart from the rides there are other activities to do also including Robot programming and visiting different lego displays.

J and I also enjoyed our day here and we agree with the kids, Legoland Malaysia is a definite winner.  Mo still asks constantly if we can go back one day.

 Disclaimer:  We were given complimentary tickets to Legoland Malaysia by the park.

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