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If you are after well written quirky writing, with correct grammar, punctuation and catchy headlines then this is not the place for you. You have come to the wrong place.  If that does happen it will not be by design, so don’t judge me.  Dad (that’s me) failed at English, and creative writing and I don’t have an appetite for non genuine cheesiness.  So welcome to Dads Corner. The dad of 4 kids who is currently travelling through Indonesia

Kuta! Someone stole my Jandal

It doesn’t even happen in Tokoroa, but someone stole my jandals.  The photo you see above was the last picture taken of my beloved size 14 Jandals.  It was an early wake up for me because all the crew was smashed.  I went down to Kuta beach for a paddle on my board, and for a little surf.  It’s an 11  minute walk from our hotel it took 13 minutes to walk back cause someone stole my jandals.  I couldn’t believe it who would want to steal my size 14 boats.  They look big on my feet and I’ve got big feet. Big flat feet, they sound big on my feet and now they are gone.  I told my family when I got back to the hotel that some one stole my jandals and they just laughed. All of them laughed even my 3 year old ‘Who would steal your jandals’? They laughed. I told them to ‘get lost’.  The wide surface area helped me to travel over soft sand easily.  Now someone else has that comfort.

On the bright side perhaps a local took them and is now going to make 4 average sized shoes and sell them to tourist and that will help feed his family for a week.  Also on the bright side walking on to Legian street I found a left footed size 10 jandal a few metres later a right footed size 9 jandal that someone had obviously thrown away, they are almost the same colour, they almost fit, they make my butt look small, my feet look like they belong to a hobbit, and now they are mine. 

Fits like an old small glove

Fits like an old small glove

So I trained today on the beach (squats, push-ups, and a bit of running, I paddled 4ish km’s down to the Jayakarta Hotel, caught a few waves on the way back and walked down poppies lane with no shoes.  Look out everyone the streets of Kuta are overflowing with jandal thiefs, I don’t really blame the locals my bet is, it was a Tongan, Samoan, Maori or Cook Islander with big fat flat feet.  Merry Christmas I got a better pair now.  And they fit like an old, too small, different coloured glove.  Ha. I still love Bali

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  1. Went to North beach today and so wanted to buy you a new pair of jandals, sorry that happen to you but it was so funny reading about it though- love you my son

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