KLCC Playground and WaterPark

The KLCC playground and waterpark are located at the back of the Suria Mall and the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.  The best thing though about this park is that it is all free!

KLCC Playground with the Petronas Towers in the Background

KLCC Playground with the Petronas Towers in the Background

The playground is expansive and there are several different playground areas so there is always somewhere quiet to play.  Our sons asked come here everyday so we would try to come in the late afternoon when it had cooled off a bit.

As you walk out of the back o Suria Mall you will come to a lake with water fountains.  At night this is where the water and light display is.  We enjoyed watching the show and it also accompanied by music.  The show was at 8pm the night we were there.

Walking over a little footbridge you will come to the water park.  There is a waterfall of water and that flows into a shallow wading pool.  There are few showers located at the end of the waterpark too.

The park gets busy on the weekend.  We visited during the day and also early afternoon an it was not too crowded.  It is great to have the waterpark here are the heat in Kuala Lumpur can be a killer.  

Located right next to the waterpark is the playground.  The playground is on several levels and is about the size of a rugby park. There are several different full size parks within the grounds and also a running track that is circular around the park and is about 1km. 

There is limited shades at the park so remember to bring hats, sunscreen and lots of water.  If you forget there is always the mall close by.

This park would be on our list of the top free things to do in Kuala Lumpur with kids and we visited nearly everyday!

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