KidZania Kuala Lumpur

We were very fortunate to be hosted by KidZania Kuala Lumpur.  We decided to make it an extra  special day and also celebrate our youngest son’s birthday as well.

If you haven’t heard of KidZania before it is a miniature kids city full of different adult jobs.  The entrance to Kidzania is set up like a check-in counter of an airport.  Staff are dressed as air host and hostesses and the entrance ticket is a boarding pass.

The kids are also issued with a cheque they can exchange in the bank for some Kidzo’s.  Kidzo’s are KidZania currency.  Children can earn more Kidzo’s by doing various jobs in the city, and they can also spend them on other activities and food.   

All jobs have age limits.  Most of the jobs are for 4-17 year olds, however there are some where the age limit is 8 years and above.  For those children who are under 4 there are a couple of indoor playgrounds located in the premises.


Our kids were rearing to go as soon as we entered.  They had been so excited about visiting they already had a plan of what activities they would complete first.  There were a few big school groups who also attended Kidzania the day we visited so our oldest had a plan to avoid the queues.  

They would first hit the most popular activities and then go to jobs where no one was.  Sounded like a great plan to me and off they went.  First stop was to change cheques to Kidzo’s and line up at the first job.


We arrived right on time and waited 2 minutes at the first job before it opened for the day.


This was the first order of the day.  The kids looked so cute in their Pilot Uniforms but unfortunately for us parents were not allowed in and we couldn’t get a good view of them. They did however manage to take a few sneaky pictures.

This job involved flying an Airplane and landing it on a simulated computer.  The payment for completion of this task was 8 Kidzo’s.  


This was little Mo’s first choice of job and he couldn’t wait to be a Fireman.  Unfortunately by the time we headed to the job there were 3 different school groups lining up.  He was so disappointed.  We told him we would keep coming back to check throughout the day and he could have a go when the lines were shorter.

We came back about 5 times and the lines were still 40 kids deep.  At 3:00pm we decided to line up anyway despite the long lines.  I was hoping that the school groups would have to head back to school soon and we would be at the front of the line.  At 3:45pm the school groups that were lined up had to leave to catch their bus.

We were at the front of the line finally!  I did however feel extremely sorry for the kids who just lined up for 1 hour for nothing though.  Mo was so chuffed.  Once the school kids left we were the only ones in line so I rounded up his brother and sisters and they all got to be firefighter.

This was Mo’s favourite job of the day.  He loved riding in the firetruck and putting out the fire in the city.  He now wants to be a fireman when he grows up. (As well as a Doctor but we will get to that shortly)

The kids got paid 8 Kidzo’s for this activity.

Radio DJ:

This job was strictly for 8 years and above.  The radio program goes for 20 minutes and the kids got to be Co-Hosts.  The radio show is broadcast to the city on Kidzania Radio.  The kids are given a script to read and have turns talking interspersed with songs.

The show is recorded and they receive a copy to take home.  The kids loved this job and it was fun watching them.

This activity earned them 6 Kidzos.


This activity cost 8 Kidzo’s each.  The kids got to dress up in Artist jackets and got to paint a picture on artist easels.  Our oldest girl wished she hadn’t wasted her money on this activity but we were happy we got some photos of them all doing one job together.


This job entailed walking around the city delivering parcels to the addresses on a special clipboard.  You are given 4 packages and you must get the delivery signed once delivered.

The kids earned 8 KidZo’s for this job.


Oreo Cookie Maker:

This activity cost 6 Kidzo’s and was an activity for 8 years and above.  The girls got to make their own two pack of Oreo’s.  This included rolling the cookie dough, putting it in moulds and cooking and packaging them.

They really enjoyed this activity and felt their money was well spent.



For this job the kids were given a real DSLR camera and they walked around the city taking photo’s of other kids doing jobs.  Our little son was so funny, he was in the moment and asked people to pose for photo’s.  After the job was finished he was still clicking away.

This job earned them 6 Kidzo’s.



Mac loved this job.  To become a driver he first had to get his eyes tested and buy insurance at Allianz.  He was issued with a drivers license and it was then printed out on a plastic card and he could use that to become a driver.

He paid 10 Kidzo’s for his eyes to be tested and 10 Kidzo’s for Insurance.  He loved this activity so much after a turn he would do as many jobs as quickly as he could to get more money so he could go back and have another turn.

This activity was for children 8 years and older.


Shop Assistant/Shopper:

Each different job earn’s different Kidzo’s.  You are paid 8 Kidzo’s for being the Shop Assistant and 4 kidzo’s to be a shopper.  The kids loved this activity and went back about 4 times throughout the day.


Rock Climbing:

You had to have covered shoes for this activity and be over 8 years old.  Tay was superfast at climbing up the buildings and we barely got the camera out in time.  She paid 10 Kidzo’s for this activity.



Beautician job entailed painting another’s nails or giving them a makeover and you are paid 8 Kidzo’s for your trouble.  The girls had turns being the Beautician and Customer for each other.


Milk Producer:

The kids dressed up in white lab coats for this job.  They were taught how to make Vitagen Milk.  They even got to package them.  They all said the milk tastes just like it does in the shop.



For this job they melted the chocolate, put it into moulds and then put them into the freezer.

They were then given small pieces of chocolate to take with them when they had completed the task and this cost 10 Kidzo’s each.


The Nurses job is to look after newborn babies.  The activity takes around 20 minutes and the job entails bathing, feeding and dressing a baby doll.  Mo loved this job.  He loves babies so he rocked and sung to them.  

He got paid 6 Kidzo’s for this activity.



The Doctor get’s to save a life.  Mo was dressed up in full scrub gears and was taking straight into an operating room.  He was shown different instruments and then he chose one.  The staff told him there were things inside the patients lungs that needed to come out.

Mo then use large tweezers to get them out and then they shut the chest.  The patient then began to flat line so Mo used the paddles to jumpstart his heart.  In the end he saved the patient and was given 10 Kidzo’s.

After doing this job he now wants to be a Doctor, as well as a firefighter. I am hoping for the former but whatever he choses at least he will love it.


The kids were given a short skit to memorise and they performed it on the main stage.  This activity took 40 minutes and the kids were paid 8 Kidzo’s.



Tay and Mo went to Magic School to learn how to be Magician’s.  After they had each learnt a magic trick they performed it in front of us on the main stage.  It was a hilarious show.  Mo’s trick didn’t quite work but he still happily acted like it had and took a great big bow, and Tay’s trick was perfect.

We were very impressed.  They earned 10 Kidzo’s for this activity.

Travel Consultant:

The kids chose a country and made an itinerary with facts about it.  The itinerary was then printed up in brochure form and they were able to take it home.

This activity earned them 6 Kidzo’s.

Fast Food Worker:

The kids only get to do this activity once and it cost 15 Kidzo’s.  We did not buy any food while we were at Kidzania (Kids were too busy to stop) so when they were hungry they went to this activity and made their own burger.  The burgers were really delicious too.

There are over 99 jobs and activities to do at KidZania and we only scratched the surface. The kids had an amazing day and wished they could have done more.  We will have to visit again one day.

At the end of the day if the kids have any Kidzo’s left over they can spend it at the KidZania Store. 

What did we think of it?

We really enjoyed KidZania.  There is a parents rooms that has free wi-fi, plush chairs and television but we preferred to watch our kids and take photos.  It was interesting to see how our kids operated with one deciding that there was only one job that he really liked. He would earn money as quickly as he could then blow it all on the one job.

Our oldest was very careful with her Kidzo’s and preferred to only do jobs that would earn her money.  When she did spend money on an activity she made sure it was something she really wanted to do.

Our other girl spent it all not letting lack of Kidzo’s stop her from doing activities if she didn’t have enough.  She would borrow some from her younger brother with the promise to pay him back later.

We were impressed that they are learning the value of hard work and rewards.  If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur,Bangkok or Singapore do be sure to visit KidZania.  It is such a cool concept I wish we could buy a franchise!


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