Just over 2 weeks to go!

With just over 2 weeks to go we have been super busy trying to get everything ready for our departure.

We have decided to sell or get rid of most of our things before we leave so that we can a) avoid storage fees while gone and b) allow me to buy new furniture when we get home woohoo!

For the last two weeks we have been taking photos and trying to sell our gear, most of which has been snapped up by our family.  (They got some good bargains including our piano which we let go for $150)

Some of the kids bags have been semi-packed, but as I look at all the things that I need to fit into my 7kg carry-on bag I feel suddenly depressed.  Somehow we will make it fit, we have to.

I’m in the process of acquiring the Maths level books that the kids will travel with.  We are going to get them to carry 1 Maths workbook each.  Even though we are going to be doing Study-ladder and maybe also Mathletics (still not sure if we need both as Study-ladder has a Maths program as well, although the year 7/8 Maths is pretty non-existent.) This is to ensure that they can still get their Maths practise in when we have no internet, or it is really slow.

We have also decided to book our first month of accommodation as we will be travelling in Australia/New Zealand summer school holidays and don’t want to blow our budget by settling for more expensive places.

In Bali we will be staying at 3 different places, 7 nights in Legian, 6 Nights in Nusa Dua and then the final 9 nights in Sanur. We love these areas and have stayed many times before.  We made sure that we were close to the Beach in each location, as well as good cheap eats and we can walk to most things in the area.

In Singapore we actually found a good deal on accommodation for our family of 6.  As you may or may not know Singapore is a super budget killer, especially in the accommodation department. It is such a wonderful city though. My husband and I have visited before but our children have not and we really wanted them to see all the fun and amazing things there.  I just love Singapore. We will be over our budget in Singapore by quite a lot, but we are hoping we can make it up in some of the cheaper countries we will be visiting.  We only have 5 days in Singapore and have made a daily plan of activities so we can do everything we want to do.

We will then be heading up to Johor Bahru which is just north of the Singapore border in Malaysia.  We are spending 2 days here and will be visiting Legoland and the Legoland Waterpark. We have booked a hostel next door to Legoland that is in our budget. Score!

We will then travel by bus up to Kuala Lumpur where we have 6 nights in an Airbnb apartment.  It is right in Kuala Lumpur city and is only a short walk to all the major attractions including the Petronas Towers and the KLCC playground.

So that’s it!  Our first month of accommodation all booked.  After Kuala Lumpur we fly to Laos for 3 weeks.

It’s all a bit surreal at the moment and the list of things to get done is as long as my arm, but we are all excited and looking forward to having amazing family adventures together.

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