House Sitting in London

We spent just under 1 month in London and were very lucky to stay with old school friends while visiting the expensive city.  Our friends live in Chiswick and we were only a 10 minute train ride away from South Kensington.  We spent a lovely 4 days with our friends before they were off to the South of France for a month holiday.

After being cooped up in the Green Taniwha for over 2 months it was pure indulgence to have a full kitchen, washing machine, dryer and a bed each. The house was spread over 4 levels and my husband used to comment that he missed the kids living in the house because we could go hours and not see them.

As we had no transport we were lucky that the house was only a 5 minute walk to a bus route and train station.  It was also the same distance to Sainsbury and other food outlets.

We enjoyed cooking up a storm and our daughters who love baking got to whip up some treats for the whole family.  It felt amazing to have comforts of home but still be in  new place and be able to experience a different culture and sights.

Ashamedly for the first week it was a little too comfortable and we only made it out of the house a couple of times.  After travelling so quickly through Europe I think we hit a bit of a wall and just relaxed.

We also celebrated our son’s 9th birthday here and it was so nice to be able to bake a cake (well my 11 year old daughter did) and cook a nice dinner.  It is the small things that you appreciate most when you don’t have a home base and this is one of them.

Over the next month we visited several of London’s Museums, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, South Bank, Tower of London, London Bridge, London’s Westend, Hyde Park and more amazing sights.

While in London my father had a serious health complication and I had to head back to Australia  for a week.   Luckily we were based in London at this time and I was able to head out and back before our flights to Ireland and Canada.

I seriously loved London. The weather not so much but the place is just wonderful.  The pound is double what the dollar is worth and if I was younger I would have seriously considered a move there to work for a couple of years.

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