What I Hope My Children Learn

We are not rich, we are just a family with big dreams to explore the world, meet interesting people and grow together as a family.  For this goal to become a reality we have had to sacrifice.

We have to had to work hard and prioritise.  I feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity to devote a whole year to my husband and children!

We are not unique, as there are hundreds if not thousands of families that have done or are doing the exact same thing.

Travel opens up a world of possibilities, and I want to come home with not only amazing memories and new friends, but children who are better, wiser and more resilient. Here are few things I hope my children might learn on the road.


Be Visionaries

I would love my children to not be bogged down with menial things in life.  I hope they will to be able to recognise what is important and what is not.

Their lives will be full of contradictions and temptations and I want them to seek out things that will encourage them to grow.  While on the road we will have many opportunities to see first hand that the life we live is privileged.

My desire for them is that they might think of ways that they can contribute to making this world a better place and doing it.




Be Compassionate

In this world of consumerism and the importance of outward appearances, I want them to be able to see a persons soul.  I want them to care deeply, and love deeply.  I want them to give of themselves to benefit another, and in doing so find joy!

I want them to learn life lessons about service and giving and always put others needs before themselves.  When they are this compassionate their lives will be surrounded in love and joy!

All a mother wants is for her children to be happy.


Be Goal Setters

I will encourage them to set goals for themselves and work out actionable steps to accomplish their goals.

I want them to be able to dream big, have passion and go for gold.  I want them to always do their best and see extraordinary in the ordinary.

We will give the kids opportunities to plan out different parts of our trip.  We will show them how to research and plan, then execute the plan.

goal setting


Be Industrious

I want my children to learn the value of hard work, but also to learn that they can work smarter not harder.

I want them to learn that they can make their own luck.  They can create opportunities for themselves by thinking outside of the box and always thinking about how this can benefit another.

I want my children to have an insatiable desire to learn new things and to find learning wherever they go.

The world will be our school as we discover new places, learn about history, culture and people.



Be Street Smart

I want them to understand people are inherently good, but things are not always what they seem.

Things will not always go as planned on the road as we have encountered many times in Asia. There are some unscrupulous people out there.

We have planned to pick out a place as our meeting point in each new place and make sure they have the name and address of our accommodation on them at all times. (Just incase someone gets lost, although we have plans in place to minimise this risk)

This one is hard for me because I want my children to be safe at all times, however circumstances sometimes arise that are beyond our control. If we have a contingency plan in place I can feel some confidence that my children know what to do.

We will encourage them to put away electronics and enjoy the journey in each new place.  There is a time and place for them, but not out in public when we are visiting 3rd world countries.

We will endeavour to teach them to respect the cultures of the countries we are visiting.

We will strive to blend in. (A little hard when hubby is 6ft 4 and we have 4 kids, but we will do our best.)

street smart


Be Entrepreneurial

I want them to develop the attitude when faced with a possibility, ‘How can I make this work’.  I want them to know that they can do anything they put their minds to.

I want them to create possibilities, use the resources they have and never be afraid to get extra help if they need it.

Our girls have a blog, you can find it here rtwtravelsisters.com we are encouraging them to share through word, pictures and video, to create whatever future they want.



Be Problem Solvers

I want them to know that no problem is ever too big.  I want them to be able to work out how to deal with different situations and make a plan.

I want them to always have a positive outlook on life and to teach them that there is nothing they can’t handle.

I want them to enjoy life and the people in their lives. We only have one life to live, Make it Count!!

problem solvers


Be You

I would love them to remember that there is no one else in the whole world who is the same as them.

They are unique, beautiful, intelligent, creative and strong!  I want them to find what makes their hearts sing.

And lastly I pray that they will be true to themselves and not compromise their standards for anyone.

Be You


I know I am living in a fantasy world right now.  There are times we will get sick of each other, there will be fights, tears and tantrums. Somedays I’m sure I will question my own sanity.

It has taken me over 35 years to learn a fraction of the things above and I know I am just wishful thinking that the kids will learn any of these things, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they did?

A mother can only dream ……………………







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  1. I’m so very moved by this blog. I think what the two of you are doing with and for yourselves and your children is incredibly brave and amazing. I pray you’re all safe, happy and healthy throughout your journey around the world and Chris and I look forward to reading all about it.
    God bless! xo
    The Collins Family

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