Goodbyes and We Are Off!

We are on our first flight to Bali, and going through customs wasn’t as bad as I had envisaged.  Phew! We did loose our youngest son briefly at customs as we were putting all our bags, electronics and plastic bags with 100ml liquids in containers.  He walked through the security gates by himself and no one stopped him.  Took us a couple of minutes to realise that he had taken off through the gates. (little gremlin)

We have since had the talk with him and he assures us he will stay right by us next time.

Goodbye family

It’s been a rough couple of weeks with lots of goodbyes plus trying to pack up our house and our belongings into 6 carry on bags.  I’m feeling relieved now that we are in the air and heading to our first destination.

Last week we had our first goodbye.  My dad is a FIFO worker (Fly in Fly out) and he had to go back to work.  It was the hardest goodbye of all, the kids and I did not take it too well.  He is an awesome granddad and father and we will miss him!


Last night we had a farewell BBQ with family at friends at a local park.  It was so good to have everyone we love there together to enjoy each others company.  There were approximately 100-150 people turn up.  We have been blessed with so many wonderful friends and family in our lives and it was hard to say goodbye.

Today on the way to the airport we stopped to say goodbye to our little angel Jahvis. He is our inspiration for this trip, and he will be remembered everyday.


Son saying goodbye

It’s now a reality that we are really doing this!  Our normal lives will be different and though we are still the same people and always will be, we will grow and develop in ways that only travel can allow.

The farewell crew

And We are off

The journey begins today 15th Dec 2014

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