Gardens By The Bay Singapore and Children’s Garden

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore was opened in October 2011.  It was designed as a way to take Singapore from the Garden City to a city in a garden.

The park consists of 3 main gardens, Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.  It also has 2 Conservatories, a flower dome and a Cloud Forest.  While the park is free to walk around these 2 conservatories require the purchase of tickets.

Gardens By the Bay With Marina Bay Sands in The Background

We visited Gardens by the bay specifically to visit the Children’s Garden, by Far East Organisation but the day we visited there was a torrential downpour and the garden was closed.  We decided to come back another day.

On our second visit it was a nice hot day and the park was open.  The views from the park are amazing as you have Marina Bay Sands in the background as well as the Singapore Flyer.


At Gardens By The Bay with The Flyer in The Background

Water Play Park:

There are different playgrounds in the children garden including a water play area.  My two boys were most excited about this area. The water park is censored so it can detect movement and the water effects correspond to this. It is also programmed to different songs which makes the experience all the more fun.

There is also a toddler zone if you have smaller children.  This area is a small wading pool and small water features.  

Rain Forest Tree House and Adventure Playground:

There is also a Rain Forest Tree House, and Adventure Trail that are suitable for children up to age of 12.  My two girls enjoyed this area the most.  There is different climbing structures and tasks and they played here for a couple of hours.

Amphitheatre and Covered Area:

For the parents there is a cool Amphitheatre and covered area that you can watch your children from.  There are chairs and loungers to relax and enjoy the view.  If it is raining it also provides some cover from the elements.


As the park is huge there is also a small cafe in the Children’s playground. We ordered hot chips and hot chocolates the day we were caught in the rain and the prices were very reasonable.

There is also a small playground just outside the cafe where you can enjoy your food while your children play in the park.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest:

Flower Dome

Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay

Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay

These are not part of the children’s garden but deserve a special mention.  When we visited Singapore on a previous occasion we visited the two domes.  You do require tickets to enter these two areas but it is well worth the price of admission.  

The flower dome is a recreation of plants that are found in hot dry climates. Once you enter the dome you will be awed by the innovative design.  It is assaulting on the senses in all the right ways.  

The flower dome is split up into different countries flowers and fauna including Chile, South Africa, Australia and many other hot dry countries.

The Cloud Forest 

Cloud Forest At Gardens By The Bay

Cloud Forest At Gardens By The Bay

This dome has recreated a mountain covered in mist and boasts the largest indoor waterfall in the world.  It is totally different from the flower dome and you can explore various levels of the mountain right up to it’s peak and learn all about biodiversity and geology of clouds and forests.

Supertree Grove:

The Supertrees are majestic.  You must visit the park when it is dark as the trees all light up and it is surreal.  The Supertrees are over 16 storeys in height and there are 12 found in the Supertree grove.

My children enjoyed watching the light displays and thought it was magical.

Super Tree Grove At Night

Super Tree Grove At Night


The gardens are open daily from 9am – 9pm and the park is easily accessible by MRT.  The closes MRT station is Bayfront.  There are signs to direct you the right way.  

While there also visit Marina Bay Shoppes.  The shoppes have a indoor ice skating rink and gondola rides right through the middle of the mall.

For food bring a picnic, or if you need to buy there are several small cafes in the grounds and a food court at Marina Bay Shoppes which is close by.

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