Our Travel Rules

People who are true to their purpose and are really successful didn’t always get there because they had the financial means to do so or were just lucky enough to have been brought up in a confidence boosting environment. These are our Family Travel Rules.

1.  Challenges are Opportunities

We have in the past interpreted fears as obstacles and tend to run away from them. Our family live their purpose successfully and have developed the capacity to see fear as a sign of what we really need to go for and put all our courage and energy into it.

2. Life is a Game.

Having this vision of life opens up space for playfulness and creativity instead of limitation. This also cultivates qualities of resilience, problem solving and confidence that helps us take risks to get to the next big place.

3. Living the Life we Want is the Only Option.

When we have no money, getting money is all you think of.  When we are sick, getting healthy is a priority.  We dont have much, but we have enough.  What we will never get again is TIME.

4.  Speak the truth.

We are able to speak the truth because we make a conscious effort to connect it to our truest desires, our inner voice, and our spirituality without fear of judgment. We are true to ourselves.

5. Act on desires.

Instead of getting stuck in our dreams, we will snap right into action, no matter what it takes. Whether it’s quitting a job, getting out of a relationship that holds us back, investing in ourselves or moving on, we have no reason not to do it. We do this by listening to, and then acting on, our intuition.

6.Expect and know that we deserve the best.

We expect that what we want is going to happen as if it were an inner-knowing. We expect and feel we deserve to earn well, do what we love, serve others using our gifts. The secret is that we still expect the best even when we don’t have all the answers as to how it’s going to happen.

7. We will show our children no fear or guilt when they are asking  for what they want.

Because they’re so connected to their passions, they’re not afraid to ask for what they want. In fact, they understand that their success depends on others, so asking for what they want is part of the deal. They set their boundaries and express their needs without fear, guilt or shame. Best of all, this is a trait that earns them respect from others.  We learn this from them.

8. We create our own rules.

We will create our own rules instead of fitting into society’s norms. We will make decisions from a place of what we want to have, instead of what we think we can have –  without hurting others.

9.  Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

We won’t get stuck in having all the answers by making things perfect or trying to gain comfort by controlling everything. Instead, we’re aware that we are not going to see the next step until we make the decision to move forward despite the discomfort.

10. We have teachers, mentors and role models.

Having teachers increases our awareness. They clearly understand that each time they get ready to pursue their dreams, all their limitations come to the surface and they must let go of them to move forward. Having role models and mentors helps us quickly identify where we are stuck so we can immediately change our results.

Now, go out there and start living life to the fullest!

11. Show the kids the world and never lose our souls

Regardless of our family travel rules we will always be true to our beliefs, our culture, and heritage.


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