Europe Budget Review and Wrap-Up

We spent 65 days in Europe and spent $12,853.00.  This works out to $197 a day or $32 each per day per person.

We were happy with how our Europe Budget worked out as we had put aside $200 per day and we came in a few dollars under.

While we were in Europe we visited 17 countries which included Sweden, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, France,Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.


In Europe we were lucky to each receive a free 90 day visa that allowed us to travel freely around Europe.  The visa is known as a schengen visa and allows visitors 90 days out of 180 days to visit the area.  There are some nationalities that can not get a schengen visa so make sure you check before you visit.


We travelled Europe by camper so our transport fees were going to be a major cost.  Apart from travelling by camper we also used public transport in many major cities.  In Europe many cities have small roads so we usually parked at our accommodation and then caught transport into the hubs.


We found most of the public transport fees reasonable except for Venice.  We paid over $200 to go to Venice and back from Rovigo Italy which was about 45 minutes away by train.

We spent a total of $803 on Transport, $2,094 on Petrol and $750 on tolls. Overall that was $3647 which was 28% of our budget.


We used our Camper for sleeping in, so in addition to our camper costs we also stayed at Camper Stops and some Camping Grounds.    We did not use free camping very much in Europe as we did not want to be put in vulnerable situations while with our children so we usually made sure we had somewhere safe to park up at night.



Our total costs for hiring our Camper and staying at Camper Stops and Camping Grounds was $5,247.00.  This was 40% of our overall budget.  We knew this and transport were going to be our biggest costs while travelling Europe with our children by camper.  If we were staying in Hotels or Hostels in Europe we would have been paying up to $250-300 a night for all 6 of us in the big cities.

For our family of 6 this was the cheapest option for us.


We didn’t eat out much in Europe, although we did indulge when we needed to.  We had to have Pizza, Pasta and Gelato in Italy, and also Crepes and Pastries in France.  However we self catered a lot in our van and made packed lunches when we were going out exploring in cities.

We ate a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe as well as lean meats, loads of cheese and baguettes.  We spent $2,102.00  on food.  This was 16% of our overall budget.  In terms of percentages our food is usually higher than this.  Self Catering helped us to save a lot on food while travelling in Europe.


While in Europe a lot of things we did were free.  We did of course get sponsored to do a few activities in Eastern Europe (Slovenia and Poland) but if there were things we really wanted to do we payed the price to do the activity.

One such activity was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  We also visited the Louvre in France and other Museums.  We spent a total of $655 on Activities in Europe which is 5% of our total budget.

We had one more compulsory cost while travelling in Europe and that was for Insurance.  We paid a total of $1200 for car insurance for the total of 65 days.  This was 9.3% of our total overall budget.


We were very lucky when we visited Europe as the Euro was the lowest it had been in a long time.($1 AUD = 0.69 Euros)  We were careful with our budget in Europe but found food to be very cheap.  We were not impressed with the price of tolls in Europe though but what can you do. 

Overall we were so happy that we came in under budget for this traditionally expensive region of the world and we enjoyed every minute that we spent exploring the diverse countries and cities.

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