City of Science and Industry Paris

Our children adore Science so we had to visit the City of Science and Industry Paris the biggest science museum in Europe.

The City of Science and Industry incldues a Planetarium, an Imax Theatre, a special hands on section for kids called “Cites de Infants” as well as other exhibitions and attractions. 

We made the most of our visit by purchasing combo tickets that allowed us entry to the kids hands on “Cites Des Infants” as well as the rest of the museum and Explora Exhibitions.

Cites Des Infants:

The entrance to this area of the science museum is timed, so you must choose a timeslot when you purchase your tickets. (Time-slots are 2 hours) There are two separate sections, one for toddlers or those aged 2-5 years old and then another section that is for 6-12 year olds.

As we have children in both age groups we decided we would split up so J took little Mo to the toddler section and I took the others to the older section.

The area was split into different rooms where the focus was on a different scientific fact or thing. 

There was a water section that my son just loved.  He spent over 1 hour here testing different theories with water and playing on the many exhibits.

The girls loved the printing section.  This area had a couple of big machines that cut out little boxes that you could then make. It also had a special printing machine and you could personalise the boxes with pictures and words.

There were also sections for Gardening, Media, The Body and many others.

Although the kids really enjoyed it one gripe I had was that everything was written in French.  Therefore it took the kids a while to work out exactly what to do at each exhibit.  With a bit of trial and error however they usually worked it out.

Other parts of the museum had both English and French translations so I am not too sure why Cites Des Infants did not.

Discovery of our World:

We learnt about different planets in relation to our world.  The exhibit was very well done with interactive zones and large displays of planets and the sun.  

The Human Brain:

This was an interesting exhibit complete with a supersize replica of a human brain that can be pulled apart by sections.

We spent a bit of time here learning about the different parts of the brain and how the brain works.  

Discovery of Light:

Out of all the Explora exhibitions this was the most fun for the kids. There were many interactive exhibits and they enjoyed seeing how light reacts in different ways.


The Transport exhibit had a fun interactive camera where the kids took photos of themselves and their faces were put on different types of transport.  

What a fun day of learning and exploring and it was good to break up our days of sight seeing with learning and hands on interaction.  If you are looking for an indoor activity to do in Paris this is a good one. We visited on a grey and rainy day.


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