Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone is the world’s first Cartoon Network Themed Water Park.  It is located 20 minutes south of Pattaya in Bang Sray Thailand.  While travelling in Asia many of the places we stayed had the Cartoon Network channel.  The kids (especially the boys) kept asking if we could go.  We were very lucky to have been hosted by Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark and we all had a great day filled with fun and adventure.

The park opens at 10:00am and in usual Morgan fashion we arrived right when the gates opened.  Our youngest was so excited he woke up at 5am.  


Cartoonival is a young kids paradise.  With over 150 water features to be discovered your kids will be entertained here all day long.  There are also several slides and a huge Ben Ten bucket water feature.  The boys loved this area and played here for hours. There are big slides and short slides to choose from and the water features are fun.  Throughout the day there are also appearances from Cartoon Network Characters.


We all enjoyed the Wave Pool and spent large parts of the day relaxing here.  There would be 10-15 minute intervals between the waves and you can float on one of the many Cartoon Network tubes.

The Wave Pool is also home to Cartoon Network’s Stage and in the afternoon the shows start.  We enjoyed relaxing on tubes, listening to great music and watching the shows.  The Wave Pool was our favourite family activity.

Riptide Rapids: (Lazy River)

If you want to get a good feel for the park and the rides without walking jump into the Riptide Rapids. This ride goes around The Omniverse and Adventure Zones and there are several jump out/in points along the way.

We have been to several waterparks and we found this was more a pool than it was a ride or lazy river, however if your purpose is just to take a look at different areas of the park then it does it’s job.

The Omniverse and Adventure Zone (Slides):

The Slides at Cartoon Network Amazone are the best slides we have seen at a Waterpark so far.  The average height for most rides was 130cm so Mo was too short to ride.  There were so many slides to choose from.  J and the kids had a ball on the slides.

Tay’s favourite ride XLR8-Tor.  You are dropped vertically by 18 metres before you accelerate to your splash landing. This is one of Asia’s highest rides.


J was so happy to see this as we entered the park.  He ran here while the boys went straight to Cartoonival.  Several times throughout the day he disappeared, but we always knew where to find him.

The girls also enjoyed catching some waves and got better at it throughout the day.  The Wave Pool is split into 2 sections, one side has a Surfboard and the other a Body Board.  Both girls are sore today (the day after) as they wiped out a couple of times.  They both said they wouldn’t hesitate to do it again though because they had so much fun.


Apart from the live shows in the afternoon on the main Cartoon Network Stage there are also several performances near Cartoonival throughout the day.  The Cartoon Network Dancers performed every couple of hours and sometimes Cartoon Network Characters would also join them.

Little Mo loved the performances and would run from whatever he was doing to watch.

Character Meet and Greet:

Several of your favourite Cartoon Network Characters will make appearances throughout the day.  Mo got his photo with Ben Ten and his pose and got to hug and shake hands with many others including Johnny Bravo.

Food and Drink:

After going to several Theme Parks throughout Asia we were quite disappointed with the food choices.  Many of the stalls were not open.  The prices of food were consistent with that of Theme Parks in the Western World but we have become accustomed to Asian pricing. It was definitely more expensive than other Theme parks we have been to in Asia.

You are also not allowed to bring any food or drink into the park from outside and your bags will be checked upon entry.



There are several private Cabanas that you can rent for the day.  These range from small to large and are located at different parts of the park.


Lockers can be hired for 4 hours at 180 Baht or the whole day for 300 Baht.  Upon entry you are also issued with an armband. The armbands can be credited with Baht and you can scan it to purchase things like lockers, food and drinks throughout the day.

Final Thoughts:

We thought it was a great Waterpark and really enjoyed the Wave Pool and the WaterSlides. What made it different than other Waterparks though were all the Cartoon Network Characters that make appearances throughout the day.  We spent the whole day in the park arriving at 10am opening time and leaving at 6pm.  The park has only been open since October 2014 so it is still fairly new and there are parts of the park still being built, although the majority of the park is complete.

All our kids enjoyed themselves and had loads of fun.  On the way home in the taxi our little son said ‘I can’t wait till I turn 5 because I want to come back here for my birthday’.

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