Budget Overview: Thailand and Wrap Up

We spent 23 days in Thailand and spent a total of $2,396.  The total per day was $104 and that averages out to $17.36 a day per person.

Our first 6 days was spent in Bangkok and the remaining 15 days on Koh Samui.  Two days were spent in transit, one on a night train from Bangkok to Surat Thani to catch our ferry to Koh Samui and the other night was near the Surat Thani airport so we could fly out to Bangkok and make our way overland into Cambodia.


For Thailand transport was the second biggest expense after food.  While in Bangkok we used taxi’s and public transport to get around and we found that taxi’s were more budget friendly than public transport.  Both however were not expensive and it would work out cheaper to catch public transport if you were travelling with only a few people.

We caught an overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani which then connected to a bus to take us to the Donsak Pier and a ferry ride to Koh Samui.  I booked the whole trip at the Hualamphong train station and the cost for our family of 6 was $230.


While on the island of Koh Samui we decided to hire a car to get around.  Koh Samui is a small island and we walked a lot around Lamai but to explore the rest of the island you need your own wheels.  We paid $28 a day to hire a jeep and we had the car for 8 days for a total of $224.

The jeep we rented to get around the island

The jeep we rented to get around the island

When leaving the island we decided to try the local ferry ‘Seatran’ on the way back to the mainland.  The ferry was huge and also takes vehicles. The ferry was great with an air-conditioned seating area and an outside deck.  They also had a minimart onboard and the prices were the same as minimarts on the island.  The price for the ferry to Donsak Pier and then the bus to Surat Thani was only $6 per person.  

After our sleeper train experience and J and I not getting much sleep we decided we would fly back to Bangkok to make our way overland to Cambodia.  We paid $25 per ticket so a total of $150 for 6 tickets on Nok air. (Budget Thailand airline)  This was our first time on this airline and they were great.  Included in the ticket price was up to 15kg check in luggage, seat selection and a small snack and a bottle of water.  The flight was just over 1 hour and we enjoyed all the inclusions.  If you are travelling within Thailand be sure to check them out.

Seatran Ferry Views Back To Donsak Pier

Seatran Ferry Views Back To Donsak Pier

Our last big expense for transport in Thailand was our private car to the Cambodian Border.  We arrived in Bangkok at 9am and it was our plan to go straight to Morchit bus station and catch a bus to the border.  This would have been the cheapest option however when we arrived in Bangkok our plans changed.  We needed to get to the bus station so we hailed a taxi at the airport.  On the way to the bus station the driver of the taxi said he would take us to the border for only $100. (As this travel day was shared with Cambodia this transport expense went into Cambodia budget not Thailand) The car was a 7 seater and we could use 6 and put our bags on the other so we decided to take him up on the offer.  We think it was a fair price as it was around 3 hours to get to the border.

We covered a lot of ground in Thailand and it is reflected in our budget as such.


We were lucky to have scored some amazing accommodation deals when we visited Thailand which saved us a lot of money.  Our first apartment was from Airbnb where we once again enjoyed the use of a washing machine.  The apartment had a king bed and 3 single’s upstairs.  We also had super fast wi-fi and satellite television.  Our apartment was located in Sathorn which was well-connected by MRT through the Lumphini train station which was only a 10 minute walk away.  We paid $46 a night for our family of 6.

Walking Back To Our Apartment in Bangkok

Walking Back To Our Apartment in Bangkok

In Koh Samui I found an excellent deal on Expedia.com.  We booked 2 rooms at BT Mansion Lamai for 6 nights for only $65.  The price was meant to be like $300 but we used a special coupon that was mailed to me and got $225 off the price.  The hotel was in a great position and only a couple of minutes walk to the Lamai Beach.

Our apartment above the restaurant in Lamai Koh Samui

Our apartment above the restaurant in Lamai Koh Samui

After 6 nights we found a private apartment close to our kickboxing school so we could walk when we didn’t have the car.  The apartment was a shophouse located on one of the main streets in Lamai and cost us $33 a night.  We stayed here for 9 nights.


We spent a total of $748 on food for the 23 days we were there.  Thai food is so delicious.  We usually ate local Thai food or at the markets, however there were times when we were craving something different and when we felt like that we did indulge.  (KFC, Indian, Pizza and Ice Cream once or twice.)

Yummy Food From The Night Market

Yummy Food From The Night Market

We ate a lot of fresh fruit and every morning after training the fruit lady would drive past and sell us some.  We would get Pineapple, Mango and Watermelon.  We would also then visit our favourite fruitshake shop and get a coconut or a banana shake.

Lunch would be Thai from a local place and dinner was usually from the night markets or another local Thai place.  We were spending an average of $32.50 a day for food while in Thailand.  Thai food is delicious, and it is also very cheap.  We miss Thai food!


Thailand was full of free attractions.  While in Bangkok we did a lot of walking and visiting free attractions which included some pretty awesome malls.  In Koh Samui the beaches were beautiful and free.  After kickboxing camp we would spend the rest of the day doing school work and swimming at a different beach everyday.

We got used to doing very little on Koh Samui so our bodies could recover however we did enjoy cruising the island in our hired jeep.

Total spent on activities in Thailand was $360 which includes our kickboxing classes.

We were very happy with what we spent in Thailand and our accommodation deal and affordable food helped to keep our prices low.  Thailand is a country rich in heritage and culture and beautiful beaches. Thailand is also a great country to visit when you are on a budget as your money seems to go so much further.  We are happy to be returning to Thailand at the end of April where we are going to visit Northern Thailand.  We will be visiting Chiang Mai and Pai as we kill some time before our flight to Europe in Mid May.