Budget Overiew: Singapore and Wrap Up

Total Spent in Singapore was $966.60.  Over 5 days that is $193.32 or per person $32.22.


Accommodation is expensive in Singapore, with a bed in a shared bedroom with a shared bathroom of a hostel costing around $25.  With that in mind we were looking at around $150 for our family of 6 to stay in the cheapest hostel in Singapore.

I wrote a post earlier about accommodation in Singapore and our only other option for affordable family accommodation was in a not so family area, the red light district of Singapore.  

We ended up staying at Pearl Fragrance Hotel in Geylang (Red light district) for $120 a night.  The family room we got was perfect for what we needed.  We got a King size bed in one section of the room, and 2 single beds in the other corner.

Our Room at Pearl Frangrance Hotel Singapore. This is the parents section and kids section around the corner.

Our Room at Pearl Fragrance Hotel Singapore. This is the parents section and kids section around the corner.

 It was one big room but the design was clever so it felt that there was 2 rooms.  The beds were also on floors built high.  As there was room on the side of our bed at the same level we were able to use our inflatable beds so that everyone had their own space.

This allowed room under the beds to store our luggage and keep them out of the way.  There was cable tv, good internet, a nice bathroom, a bar fridge and also a hair dryer.

We were happy with the accommodation and found the area was not too bad.  My kids had no idea what area we were staying in and we didn’t tell them.  It was actually very tame and you wouldn’t know any different if you didn’t know the area.


The transport system in Singapore is very good, they have an MRT station and good buses, as well a reasonable taxi service.  We were a bit sad however that Singapore was not like other Asian countries and we could not squeeze into 1 taxi.  It is illegal here, so we had to take public transport.  

Public transport actually worked out a lot more expensive for our family as there were 5 tickets we needed to buy.  Mo was free as he had a child concession card so that was good.

We ended up spending around $20-30 a day on public transport.  There was an MRT station located 10 mins walk from our accommodation, and a bus stop about 300 metres away.  We ended up catching the bus more than train as it was closer and more convenient.


Food at hawker centres in Singapore is awesome!  We were lucky that the closest bus to our hotel stopped directly outside our favourite hawker centre in Singapore called Maxwells in Chinatown.

There is an array of food options available and the kids would enjoy chicken rice, roti or Chinese food with fresh juices everyday.  Meals were around $3 each and we were spending around $20-25 a meal.  We would eat at least 1 and sometimes 2 meals here.

For breakfast we would stop by at the local bakery and fruit stalls before going home to get bread rolls and fruit and would spend about $8-10.  We would have this in our room before going out for the day.

You can drink the water in Singapore and there are water fountains at all the major attractions so this saved us money too.


We did a lot in Singapore and the price of these activities were taken out of our activity budget which is separate from our daily budget.  We have a total of $5,000 for activities and we spent $490 in Singapore for our passes to Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark for all 5 of us.  Mo was free to all these activities.

Total left in activity budget is $4,510.

We also did a lot of free activities which included visiting the Wonderful Light and Water show at the Merlion Park.  We walked around the Quays, Clarke and Boat Quay and visited the ice cream man.  The ice cream man is a local icon and serves up ice cream in bread, real ice cream sandwiches.

We also went to Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Shoppes, visited Marina Bay Sands and watched the Supergrove Trees light up at night at the SuperTree grove.

We also enjoyed a walking tour of Bugis and Chinatown.  


A couple of the kids had a bought of bali belly while in Singapore so we purchased some medicinal charcoal from a chemist.  This cost $5.00.

We were happy that we were able to come under our $200 daily budgeted goal for expensive Singapore. If we were to add in the cost of activities though it would have cost us $291 per day or $45 per person which is still pretty good in an expensive country.

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