Best Beaches on Koh Samui

We have some great beaches in Perth Western Australia where our last home was before we left on this trip.  It had been a while since we had seen a beach so we were so excited to be visiting Koh Samui on our round the world trip.

Koh Samui is an island located about 700km South of Bangkok.  The island about 28 km by 20 km so you can drive around it completely in a couple of hours.  Koh Samui coastline is pristine and the colour of the water is stunning.  

Everyone has different definitions of what a great beach is, but for us it is a beach with shade that is easily found close by,  beautiful clear calm water and preferably one that is not too crowded with people.  As we have kids we also prefer the beach to stay shallow for a few metres out so the kids can wade out and play.

Mae Nam:

Mae Nam is located on the northern tip of the island.  The beach is long and the water clear. The sand is soft and white and the decline of the beach is slight.   We visited early morning and the wind was just starting to pick up so it wasn’t as calm as others we had visited.  There is shade dispersed along the beach in the form of palm trees.

There are many restaurants on the beach and also private bungalows, therefore it was not one of the quietest beaches we visited but it did have more facilities than some of the more remote ones.

Taling Nam:

Taling Nam is a quiet beautiful beach on the southwest coast of the island.    The sand here is grainier but the beach is shallow for a long way out which was great for the kids.  If you are feeling adventurous there are also many rocks and private beaches to explore.  We walked until we found a nice inlet and spent the early morning swimming and sunbathing.  On the day we visited the weather was hot and we could see the Anthong National Park in the distance.

There are a many palm trees for shade and lush jungle vegetation just beyond which you do need if you are visiting during the mid day heat as Koh Samui can get super hot.  There are a few 5 star hotels also situated along this stretch of coast and The Intercontential is one.

Lipa Noi:

Lipa Noi beach is located in the south part of the island not far from Lamai.  We visited this beach twice and enjoyed how close to the road the sand and water are.  The sand is fine and the incline out is not too deep.  We enjoyed swimming for hours in the cool calm water early one morning and in the late afternoon on another day.

The Lipa Noi resort is located on this beach and has facilities that can be used for a small fee.  It cost 20 Baht to use the toilet (.80 cents) and only 100 Baht ($4) to hire a kayak for 1 hour.

The Nikki Beach Club is also located on this beach and in the afternoons you might be able to hear some cool tunes while relaxing on the beach.

Bang Por:

Bang Por beach on the north-west coastline of Koh Samui.  This was the first beach we discovered and it became a firm favourite.  The sand here is not as fine as the other beaches, there are some coral rocks in the water and it was here I got a spindle of a sea urchin in my toe but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in the feeling that you are on a deserted island on the most perfect beach ever.

There are palm trees lining the sand and because it is so deserted it is also lacking any amenities.  If you are planning a trip to this beach do remember to bring ample amounts of food and water so you can stay and enjoy a sunset.

We visited this beach a few times once in the morning and twice in afternoon.  One afternoon we got some amazing sunset shots with the kids playing in the water.

Koh Samui has many other beaches including Lamai, Bophut, Chaweng and Char Mong which are all lovely too but we much enjoyed having the beaches practically to ourselves.  If you are visiting Koh Samui be sure to rent a car or motorbike and check them out.

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