Bali: Budget Overview

Total spent for 21 days in Bali was $2311.  That is $110 a day for our family of 6 or $18.34 per day per person.

Our first country was a familiar country so we were quite confident that we could keep within our allotted budget per day.  

Our first week was easy as we were in Legian where our favourite restaurant was “Warung Indonesia”, and as food is a big part of the budget it defiantly helped us to stay under.  We were consistently spending around $25-35 AUD everyday on food.  

Our accommodation was also reasonably priced at just $36 per night Zuk Hotel was a real gem.  You can read about our experiences here.

While in Legian we were constantly under budget but as I knew we had a big splurge coming up over christmas for a few days that was the plan.

When we moved over to Nusa Dua to the Novotel we were paying $120 AUD per night for accommodation.  As I wanted to give the kids a few special days around christmas I was fine with that and hoped to make it up by being frugal in other areas.

We self catered while in Nusa Dua as we had a full kitchen.  We bought bread, peanut butter, fruit, cereal, milk and eggs from Hardy’s supermarket and enjoyed breakfast in our 2 bedroom apartment with private pool every morning.

The 2 boys often came home exhausted after playing all day in the kids club and didn’t want to go out again for dinner so I stocked up on noodles which they would have for dinner every night.  The noodles were super cheap at around 30 cents for a big cup bowl.

On previous trips we found a local Warung with excellent local food and great prices so we ordered from here often. We were paying $2.50 Aud for Nasi Goreng or $3.50 for Stirfry veggies with chicken and egg. Prices for food in Nusa Dua are the most expensive on the Island so we saved money where we could by self-catering and eating local.

My brother at Daniels Coffee Corner Warung in Nusa Dua

My brother at Daniels Coffee Corner Warung in Nusa Dua

We did have one special meal while at the Novotel and that was Christmas Lunch at the Square Restaurant of the Hotel.  We paid $18 AUD for adults and $9 for 3 children and our youngest was free.  Thanks to Nana’s generosity we didn’t pay for this meal but was a highlight of our time in Bali.  We enjoyed traditional christmas fare with good company.

All our activities were included in the price of our accommodation so while in Nusa Dua we never left the Hotel/Beach Club area opting to enjoy all the free activities of the hotel.

Our last area was Sanur.  Our accommodation was at Little Pond Homestay at the top end of Danau Tamblingan (The main street in Sanur) and we paid $40 Aud for 2 rooms.  We ate a lot at the Sanur Night Markets, or local Warungs so our food bill was again around $25-35 AUD per day.  

We hired bikes while in Sanur and rode everyday paying $2 per bike per day. ($30 for 5 bikes) The bikes allowed us to ride up and down the 7km bike path next to the beach and spend time at different beaches along the path.

Our last 4 night in Bali were spend in sponsored accommodation.  As I am a travel staff writer for we were able to secure a sponsored few nights at Dampati Villas in Sanur, and Tjendana Villas in Nusa Dua before we flew out.  These villas were very luxurious 3 bedroom villas with pools and we were grateful for the opportunity to experience the high life for a few nights.  Thanks to Tjendana Villa Management we were able to recuperate before moving on to Singapore.

Overall I was happy to come in under budget in Bali.  The real test will be Singapore as it is a real budget buster.  As our budget for South East Asia is only $120 a day, I have decided to up the budget for Singapore to $200 as it is just not possible to do Singapore as a family of 6 for any less.



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