7 Things To Do in Slovenia With Kids

Slovenia is in Eastern Europe and only a couple of hours from Austria. Ljubianana in Slovenia was the first Eastern European country we visited and it did not disappoint.  As soon as we came over the hill from Austria into Slovenia we knew we were in another country as the landscapes were different.  We stayed in Slovenia for 5 days and these are the things we recommend in Slovenia with kids.

Terme Snovik:

Terme Snovik is a Thermal Pool and Spa Complex located about 20 minutes North of Ljubljana.  There is a combination of indoor and outdoor thermal pools with the outdoor pools including slides and other water features.  It is located in the Slovenian countryside with mountains surrounding it and as soon as we arrived we felt so relaxed.

We wanted to take the day to relax and enjoy the Thermal Pool complex.  We had fun going from the hot tub inside to the cooler thermal pools outside.

The highlight of the day was the amazing restaurant located inside.  The Potocka restaurant serves traditional Slovenian food among other things.  We ordered a 3 course traditional meal for only 10 Euros each.  

Lunch included a hot soup with roll.  The main course was a choice of Chicken with vegas, Buckwheat traditional Porridge or the National dish of Trout with veges,  We opted for the Trout and the girls went with chicken.  The boys were happy with a plate of wedges for lunch.  We were also had a dessert slice included.

Overall we had a very relaxing day swimming in the therapeutic water, eating delicious food and watching the kids have fun on the slides and in the water park.

 Geoss Adventure Park:

The Geoss Adventure Park in Ljublijana is a treetops experience. The kids had so much fun zip lining and climbing through the forests on one of the many  treetop courses.  The park is located about 30 minutes from the centre of Ljubljana.  We had trouble finding the park but after consulting with some locals we found it.

Some of the courses were very challenging but we were happy that they also cater for younger children.  Our 4 year old was able to participate on the smaller courses and they even had a zip line suitable for him.

Ljubljana Castle and Funicular:

We spent a day in downtown Ljubljana visiting the castle.  The Castle is the focal point of the old town located high up on a hill overlooking the city.  There are several ways to access the castle but we decided to catch the funicular to the top.

The Castle was built in the middle of the 15th century and over the years and been owned by many different people from different countries.   The castle is steeped in rich history and has also been renovated several times over the years.

As part of our visit we decided to take the Time Machine tour where we would learn about the history of the Castle and it’s many owners.  The tour was very interactive and the kids were very entertained by the actors in costume and the stories that were animately told.

After our tour we explored the Castle grounds.  The Castle hosts many exhibitions and shows every year and while we were there they had a torture and Puppet Exhibition.  The kids were intrigued at the simple tools used for torture in the olden days and were delighted at the interactive puppet exhibition where they could create their own puppet shows.

Boat Cruise:

To get a good view of the old city there are many companies that do boat tours down the river through the town of Ljubljana for a song.  A boat cruise is a good way to see all the sights when you have children that are tired and we opted to do a cruise in the late afternoon when the kids had had enough walking.

We enjoyed seeing the locals going about a normal day having picnics on the lake and reading by the lake.

Predjama Castle:

The Castle was built in the side of the rock in 1274.  It was built in the rocky hill to make access difficult for enemies.  Over the years the Castle has been ruined and rebuilt and has also passed through many hands.

Today the Predjama Castle is listed in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records as the largest Cave Castle in the world.  As you drive up the hill to visit the castle and turn the bend you will glimpse this amazing structure that stands at 123 metres in the high rock.

If you are driving through Slovenia to Croatia a stop to this amazing Castle is a must.

Ljubljana Old City and Markets:

Every Saturday the Old City of Ljubljana comes alive with local markets and street performers.  There are local farmers markets and many homemade goodies.  We enjoyed sampling the fresh fruit from the local growers and perusing all the handmade local crafts.

The kids also enjoyed watching street performers and buskers do their thing.

Postojna Cave and Underground Railway:

Postojna is the largest Karst and most visited cave in Europe.  The cave is over 20 kilometres of passages and chambers.  In 1872 railway lines were laid iand today you can visit the cave by train. In 1884 electricity was installed below and you are able to admire the beautiful karst formations because of this light.

Kids will enjoy the underground railway and the tour through the many rock formations and different caverns.

We throughly enjoyed our visit to Slovenia and were amazed at the variety of activities that cater for families with children.  We loved the beautiful countryside and high mountains and fell in the love with the beautiful country.  Slovenia we will be back.

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