7 Things to Do in Paris with Kids

Paris is somewhere I had dreamed of visiting since I was a young girl.  My children had the same dream and even studied French at school for a couple of years.  This is what we got up to while in this romantic city. Here is our list of 7 things to do in Paris with kids:

Eiffel Tower:

The most identifiable icon in Paris.  This is the first place we headed on our first full day in the city.  As we exited the train station and rounded the corner and caught our first glimpse of the tower the kids could hardly contain their excitement.  They started jumping around excitedly.

 We had many stares but they didn’t care.  It was one of those moments where as a travelling parent who sometimes wonders if this is the right thing to do with kids, suddenly felt this is what it’s all for.

Making the kids dreams (and ours) come true.  What a heart warming feeling it was to see them all run towards the tower down the hill.  My son exclaimed “I’ve been waiting all my life to see the Eiffel tower”, a short 8 years too I might add.  What lucky kids.

We spent many hours in the park near the Eiffel tower taking photos and just staring at the grandness of it all.  We returned many times over the next days and a few members of the family including our youngest enjoyed walking up the stairs and admiring the view from the platform.

If you are feeling peckish there is a very tasty Crepe stand under the tower that we enjoyed.

The Louvre:

We decided to leave our youngest with Dad the day we visited the Museums and Art Galleries as we are sure he would of got bored.  We had planned out on the map where we wanted to visit and went straight to those exhibitions.  The older children really enjoyed seeing the Mona Lisa and it was another satisfying moment to see them excitedly calling out to each other “I see her, I see her!”.

The kids enjoyed finding many famous artists painting and sculptures although we got lost a few times.  The Louvre is huge and there is so much to explore so make sure you have half a day to spend here.  

After our visit to the Louvre we had lunch at the Tulleries Garden just outside the Louvre and the kids played in the park.

Musee D’Orsay:

The kids were intrigued that this Art Gallery used to be a train station.  We really enjoyed the exhibitions especially the gallery with paintings of Van Gough.  We had been studying about his life and his art so it was rewarding to see his many famous paintings up close.  

The Musee D’Orsay is not nearly as big as the Louvre so you only need an hour or two here although you could definitely take longer.

Tulleries Garden:

The Tuilleries Garden is located right outside the Louvre.  We enjoyed spending a couple of hours here after our visit to the Museum.  In summer the park is filled with locals sitting out on deck chair enjoying the sun.

There is a playground also located in the grounds and several water fountains.

It is a great place for a rest after sightseeing and is also close to the Champs Elyse and not far from Arc De Triomphe.

Cites Des Infants and Science Museum:

We spent 1 day at this interesting Museum.  It is the largest Science Museum in Europe and houses a Planetarium, an Aquarium, a Submarine and an IMAX Theatre.

We visited the science displays that were located over 3 levels and also Cites De Infants.  Cites De Infants is a hands-on science exhibition for ages 3-12.  The children had so much fun here creating and playing and learning.  


Montmarte is a suburb of Paris.  It is a famous old town with so much history and it’s location is stellar.  The location of Montmartre is the highest in Paris and the views looking out over the city are fantastic.

The town has so much history and we were lucky enough to do a walking tour of the city with Context Travel.  We learnt so much about the area and visited places like the Moulin Rouge, Van Gough house and Sacre Coeur.  

Cathedral of Notre Dame:

The famous Cathedral of Notre Dame.  The kids will enjoy the experience more if they know a bit about the history behind the building.  You could even watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame with them to get them in the mood.  My boys were very intrigued with the gargoyles.

Surrounding the church there are some lovely gardens and a small park.  Once the kids got tired of exploring the Cathedral they were happy to play in the park while I finished off my tour of the grounds.

Paris has so many fun things to do with kids.  We only had 5 short days in the city but could have easily found more to do with them.  There were other places we would have loved to have visit but didn’t get time this trip so we will have to return one day.  Some of those places were the Palace of Versailles, Invalids Museum and other Art Galleries.

My children throughly enjoyed their experience in Paris France and all plan to return one day when they are older.

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