Essential Oils with Morgans Go Travelling

What are Essential Oils and Why did we take them travelling in our limited carry-on luggage?

Essential Oils are liquids that are distilled from plants, leaves, bark, stems, flowers and other parts of the plant.  Essential Oils are secreted from the plants to protect themselves when they feel like they are being threatened.  Just as blood works for the human body , Essential Oils act in a similar way for plants.  When applied to the human body the oil acts in the same way as it does to the plants in protecting and helping to enhance overall health.

Essential Oils are the true essence of the plant and because they are highly concentrated a small amount goes a long way.  We discovered the benefit of using Essential Oils for our health before we left to travel.  We were so amazed that these oils could work at a cellular level with our bodies and help us deal with health issues naturally.  Of course the Oils are not a magic potion and for them to work the best they can a healthy lifestyle on all levels is encouraged.

As part of our “First Aid Kit” we decided that Essential Oils would be the biggest part of it.  Thank goodness for us they are the perfect size with oils either coming in 5ml bottles or 15ml size.  These are perfect to put in your carry-on luggage and to have handy if the need arises.  We had a few situations where they were life savers and helped us avoid visits to the hospital.

What Essential Oils did we use?

We decided on doTERRA oils.  Why?  Well we think they are the best oils around.  doTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  This means that every batch of oil is only extracted through the strictest of conditions and testing.  Every Oil is in it’s purest form which means they are potent.  The tiniest amount will do the job.

We also chose doTERRA because the oils are ethically sourced and they are making a difference in many thousands of peoples lives. (Providing jobs in many third world countries. eg Frankincense is sourced from Somalia, Wintergreen from Nepal and Cardamon from Guatemala.)


Why they are perfect for the travelling family – or any family in general.

They are small.  They are super convenient to travel with because they don’t take up much room and are light.  Many compounds are similar in different oils and there are some that can address several health concerns so you only need a couple of bottles.

They last ages:  The smallest amount will do the job.  We still have oils left from when we travelled and we have been home 6 months now.

They are reasonably priced: It works out to about .4 cents to .20 cents a drop depending on what oil you get.

They can provide immune support: This was helpful for our children as we were moving quickly.  We were faced with all sorts of non sanitised environments and knowing that we could give our kids a special boost if we needed to was priceless.

In our normal lives we use them everyday for things such as growing pains, focus at school, hormonal imbalances and women’s issues as well as using them in our everyday cooking.

What specific oils did we take?

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca)

Tea Tree is one of those amazing oils that can do lots of different things.  We used it when we were blocked up or having sinus troubles, or to gargle in water when our throats were a bit tender. It has amazing antimicrobial properties and we used it several times to clean out cuts and stubs.  It is good for skin irritations and used on kids when they were bitten by bugs and by me when I had allergic reactions.  It is one of those multipurpose oils that can be used in nearly every situation.

Easy Air (Breathe)

This is a blend that gives Respiratory support.  We took along the kids inhalers just incase but after a few months on the road tossed them as this oil was working like magic.  We used it to put on the kids feet before bed if they were a bit wheezy and our eldest daughter likes to sniff it straight from the bottle to open up her airways.


Lavender is a calming oil and it was used when anyone was feeling a bit anxious or needed a good night’s sleep.  Our son sometimes has nightmares and one drop on his pillow helps him to stay asleep all night.  It is also good for calming the skin and used after getting bitten by mozzies or ants.


This is the king of all oils and like Tea Tree has many uses.  It is great for a myriad of things including overall health by taking internally but we used it mainly for pain.  When hubby had sore teeth and I had a sore back it was a great relief.  I also used it on my skin as a face moisturiser mixed with coconut oil.


I love lemon oil.  It is a great deodoriser and can be used to get rid of any smells or odours and is great to give surfaces (Train seats) or hotel rooms/ Airbnb apartments a quick clean.  Citrus oils also invigorates and uplifts so when I was having a particular down day a good whiff of this oil will make you feel better.

We still use oils everyday to help support our families health and well being and we love them.


How do I get them?

You can order at Retail Price right from our doTERRA shop or if you think you will love the products I recommend becoming a Wholesale member.  This will save you 25% off all products and you Do Not Need to purchase every month or sell to family and friends just enjoy the discounts.  I have made it easy for you with a step by step guide to sign up for a Wholesale account so click the link below.

If you are ready to join Essential Oils with Morgans Go Travelling and become part of our tribe click here for details on how to do that.

Want to work with us?

We have chosen doTERRA as our vehicle to help us travel more and create a residual income.  We are looking for a couple of motivated and dedicated people to train and mentor to also create the life of their dreams.  If you are passionate about natural health and want to empower others to live a more holistic life and are willing to do what it takes then we would love to hear from you.

Find out more about the opportunity here.