The Essential Oil Opportunity

(Find out what Essential Oils are and how we used them on our Trip. )

While travelling the world we met two families that were able to travel because they were sharing the doTERRA oils with others and had earnt enough to support their families by creating residual income.  I was intrigued by this.  We already used and loved the oils and the thought was always there at the back of mind although I had never seen their business plan and had no idea if it would align with our beliefs.

Upon arriving home I considered my options and almost went back to a normal job in an office.  We still long to travel and know that travel will always be apart of our lives but we also have bigger goals.

After careful research we concluded that the doTERRA opportunity was going to make it possible for us to fulfill our long term dreams.  The business plan is set up to help normal people start earning straight away and their compensation plan is like none other I had seen before.  What I love most about the business plan though is that in order for us to progress in rank and pay we have to help people in our team also progress.  We love the team environment and helping others to succeed and thus succeeding ourselves.

We want you to join our team!





Are you serious about making a change in your health and having the freedom to travel and do what you love?  We would love to hear from you.  We are looking for motivated happy people who want to be a part of the Morgans Go Travelling Essential Oil team!  Fill in your details below and I will be in contact.