Meet the Morgans

We are the Morgan family.  On December 15, 2014 we decided to sell up the things we own, change the direction of our lives and take our four children travelling for a year.  Those original travels and adventures took us travelling non-stop around the world for 16 months.  We took it one step further and documented all of our travels through this platform.

Our Travels

This website and the social media platforms related to it have been created as a Journal and Blog of our experiences.  We share our thoughts, anxieties, fears, loves, up’s and down’s.  Our invitation is for you to follow our journey and our decisions, as we have made travel a priority for our family.  Our blog starts with our very first big decision where we sold everything and travelled for 16 months and continues to this day on our continued travel adventures

Why make a Website?

We feel blessed and this is in no way shared to be boastful.  We expect to learn many lessons as we travel and we share those lessons here.  We are creating this for anyone who has an interest in family travel and for those who have limited funds.  Most importantly we have created this for ourselves.  We want to remember what we are thinking at a particular time and place in our lives.


About us

The place our children would call home is Perth.  Australia has been good for us.

Originally we are natives of New Zealand.  Born and Bred in New Zealand and proud of our Indigenous New Zealand Maori heritage.  Among the many reasons why we decided to document our travels was to help us connect with other indigenous cultures, other families and travellers.  We feel a duty to document our travels for people who are fearful of what they think might happen but want to do the same.  We stopped worrying about what people thought might happen to us 34 countries ago.

We have four children, our girls are aged 14 and 12 and our boys, 11 and 6.  We travel together, for better or for worse.  Today our home is where ever we are together and our house is mostly 7kg carry-on luggage.

What we have for you

This site is our experiment for you, it is a blog and a journal of our experiences.  At times it will be about ‘where we went and what we did’ and on other occasions it will be about ‘How we feel and what we have learned’.  This site is not backed by large corporate dollars (although we would love that) but on occasion we do provide sponsored post for companies and/or businesses that host our family.

We have
Blog post & counting

Our Travel Philosophy

A typical scenario for us ……… We were unwilling to spend the big bucks on a lift pass and equipment hire in New Zealand for my children.  So, we spent the day snowboarding the roadside drain and then walking back up the road.

Our new born baby sat in the car watching from the warmth of the heater and mum had the BBQ going. Sausages were sizzling and milo cooked all day. Cheap day out and an activity that no travel agent will ever advertise for…. Here’s to having fun and laughing at how cheap we are….. And so the trend continues. Live it cheap, live it happy, nothing wrong with sleeping in a hostel and eating rice. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. Sometimes you can’t.

Join us

The magic of the internet allows us to share with family, friends and people like you our travel experiences.  If you want to join us in daily conversation you can join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or even receive post to your inbox.  It is hoped that in sharing this we can encourage more families to spend time together where ever they are.  Having children is no excuse to stop any of us from discovering our beautiful world.


  • I see the vehicles lined up in my rear vision
    12 months ago by morgansgotravelling I see the vehicles lined up in my rear vision mirror and I see my eyes in that mirror saying 'so what'. I'm Thug. The cars behind me don't bother me, It's this car that makes me STRAIGHT. I got a taste in my mouth saying 'This car is dope , hope we don't get killed' kind of taste mixed with a prayer saying 'God please don't let us die in the desert' kind of prayer. The taste and the prayer give a constant happiness, but that's mostly private moments in my head. I hear the engine. We drive feet
  • I cant scoop up the feeling I have of being
    1 year ago by morgansgotravelling I can't scoop up the feeling I have of being with family and friends in New Zealand with people I care for and I know care for me. I can't bag the feeling on a camera I had when my feet were cold and I asked my sister to sit on them so they would be warm just so I could have a quick comfortable nap. I know she came to talk to me but I was just tired. The picture would mean little to you but I would probably try to capture them anyway. You would look at the
  • Weve been called Rolling Stones more than once in our
    1 year ago by morgansgotravelling We've been called Rolling Stones more than once in our lives. The truth is I love stability. I love it not in myself but in the world around me. I love that huMan behaviour is predictable. Love, fear, jealously, envy. I love that people want to buy a house and settle down and are happy to work a job for their lifetime. That a child wants to follow in their parents footsteps. I love that. I love that in the distant and near future I can visit these people and know that they are happy. What I know is that
  • 1 year ago by morgansgotravelling
  • 1 year ago by morgansgotravelling
  • 1 year ago by morgansgotravelling
  • 1 year ago by morgansgotravelling
  • 1 year ago by morgansgotravelling
  • Weird wonderful and whacky street love mixed with some Pokmon
    1 year ago by morgansgotravelling Weird wonderful and whacky street love mixed with some Pokémon gangsta rap..... if your thinking about taking a nice stroll around the state of Melaka's 15th century Portuguese settlement in Malaysia this isn't the way to do it...... but if you do want to take the crew for a somewhat festive boogie ride in a non traditional rickshaw fitted with its own 2000w speaker and amp and don't want them to fall asleep in the humidity of the day this will do it....... well worth the smiles following them on my girly bike - because tall man bikes cost more
  • Street art on tap made even more original because number
    1 year ago by morgansgotravelling Street art on tap made even more original because number 4 is always up for a pose. I'm going to let lose on the Penang street art pics for the next few posts, so if you get sick of seeing them in your feed you could always go watch TV for a few hours.  #travel   #penang   #penangstreetart   #streetart   #malaysia   #family 

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